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Sky Light Encounter: Chen Xinghan and Zen Games

来源: 当游原创 作者:DedSecR Time: 2018/3/20 17:04:56 Source: When the original tour Author: DedSecR

On March 15th, "SKY Light Encounter" has started the first test in China. The editors below will talk about it. SKY's producer "Game Zen Master" Chen Xinghan and his Zen games.

At Apple's new product launch conference last fall, "Game Zen Master" Chen Xinghan's new work "Sky Light Encounter" debuted with "Love and Giving" as the theme, continuing his usual Zen style. Although Iphone X was the biggest protagonist of the night, the SKY encounter was the biggest surprise of the night. On March 15th, "SKY Light Encounter" has started the first test in China. The editors below will talk about it. SKY's producer "Game Zen Master" Chen Xinghan and his Zen games.

Chen Xinghan at the Apple conference

Chen Xinghan at the Apple conference

Chen Xinghan, born in Shanghai, southern China, is a city that is prosperous and enchanting. Introverted from a young age, he usually does not speak well, but because he likes playing games very much, he has made many friends.

When Chen Xinghan was in his teens, a piece of work made him shed the first tears for the game in his life, and changed his life direction. This is the "Sword of Chivalry" that players are very familiar with.

Chen Xinghan also talked about why Xian Jian can have such a big impact on him: "When you travel with a person for a long time, travel through mountains and rivers, when you lose her, the lost sadness It ’s in my heart that I ca n’t leave for a long time. I finished this game, and when I woke up a week later, I still thought about this game. This is why I later wanted to do games and animations. Stories make my life better. That's why I feel like an art person. "

Chen Xinghan interviewed by the founder of TGA

Chen Xinghan (left) and Geoff, founder of the game Oscar (right)

Although Chen Xinghan has loved playing games since he was a child, his achievements have always been outstanding. After graduating from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, he went to study at the University of Southern California's School of Film. Finally, he obtained a master's degree in interactive media.

When he was studying abroad, RockStar's topical work "Grand Theft Auto 3" was launched. This is a game full of crime and violence. It happened that there were many shootings in the United States at that time, people blame these responsibilities. Games are thought to be poisoning teenagers. Chen Xinghan, who loves games, naturally does not want people to think of games in this way, so he wondered if he could develop a game that is the opposite of GTA3 and has no violence, proving that games are not the culprits of youth crime.

Grand Theft Auto 3 cover

Controversial Game-Grand Theft Auto 3

So his famous work "Cloud" was born as a school scholarship fund project, mainly developed by Chen Xinghan and the University's Interactive Media Department using a self-developed engine. The game draws inspiration from Takahashi Keita's work "Katamari" and tells a 7-year-old child "Kun" with asthma. During the hospital stay, he can't leave the ward, but can only look out the window. Drag the clouds to make them into various shapes.

The first version of Cloud was available for free download in the fall of 2005. Outstanding artistic style, calm and simple gameplay, this game has been online for three months and got 400,000 downloads worldwide.

Cloud cover

The success of "Cloud" undoubtedly made Chen Xinghan stand out in the game world, proving that the game is not just a carrier of violent killing elements. In addition to three years of film studies, Chen Xinghan realized: Since movies can become the entertainment industry that men, women, and children love, why can't games be? This is the pursuit of the original intention of creating games for all ages, Chen Xinghan founded his own game company That Game Company. —— "Our aim is to hope that players can find new emotions by playing games. This is why I made a game called" Flower. "

When Chen Xinghan grew up in Shanghai, the first 22 years of life he saw in Shanghai was a forest of reinforced concrete. When he left the city, arrived in the countryside, and saw the flowers and green grasses everywhere, this shock was like the emotion that a person who longed for the sea first saw the sea. He hopes to use the game "Flower" to capture this feeling of being surrounded by nature and share it with all players. "Flower" is a game with no complicated operations. You only need to control the joystick of the handle to turn the player into the breeze of the game. Where the wind blows, flowers will bloom and green grass will bloom. You can always find the natural beauty that shocks you.

Flower game screenshot

The artistry of Flowers attracted many people, including some who never played games. A male player once recorded a video for Chen Xinghan. Although his younger brother with mental retardation could not learn, he could use a simple handle to find happiness in "Flower". This may be one of the original intentions of Chen Xinghan to make games, so that all people can find different emotions and happiness in "Flower". "Flower" truly makes people feel a world of flowers, everything is zen, and the unique artistic design has made this work a huge success, becoming the first game art work collected by the Washington DC Museum.

Flowers make children with intellectual disabilities happy

Although "Flower" is very successful, it is still a small production in Chen Xinghan's mind. It is like a sketch or a poem. He wanted a really big production that made people feel like watching a movie after playing. Chen Xinghan has a very important concept in his film course in Hollywood, which is "the journey of a hero". If the game is made into a three-stage plot like a "Hollywood movie", allowing players to experience a heroic journey, then it must be enough to impress the player's heart at the end.

The latest work, Journey, released on March 15, 2012, is a work that pursues this kind of artistic conception. This is the last work of Chen Xinghan and Sony. The player plays a mountain over the mountains and walks countless times. Difficult and pilgrims are constantly looking for inscriptions to wake up the journey to strengthen their flight capabilities, and finally reach the sacred mountain in the distance.

Wind journey man game screenshot 1

There are only a few movements in "Wind Journey", moving, running, and jumping. There are no high operating requirements, but it can make every player immersed in it. Occasionally you will meet other players online, because the travellers controlled by other players are anonymous, and the two parties cannot communicate, so the game "Journey" seems to give them the opportunity to reunite with their relatives and friends and embark on the journey .

Because of the unique online model, Chen Xinghan received a letter from a little Canadian girl one year after the game was released, saying that her father died in the first half of 2013 because she had cancer. They played games at home every day before her father died. But when her father truly died, she became very distressed and never had the courage to face the original console. It wasn't until a year later that the little girl turned on the game console again and played "Xourney" by Chen Xinghan, only to understand that this game tells the meaning of life. This story is for her, the story of her father's death. It is the last journey of life. Because the end of the game Journey brought a hopeful ending, she believed that her father must have gone to a more beautiful place after his death. Finally, the little girl also thanked Chen Xinghan for making this game, which made her life better. When Chen Xinghan said these things, he was very moved in his words, saying that this is why he still insists on playing games until now.

Wind journey man game screenshot 2

Regardless of player word-of-mouth or media evaluation, "Wind Journey" has become the most successful Zen game work of "Game Zen Master" Chen Xinghan. After its release, Journey became the tenth perfect game of the famous media GameSpot. In 2012, it defeated popular 3A games such as "Halo 4" and "Mass Effect 3", and won IGN's best game of the year.

Wind Journey Man Cover

On July 24, 2015, Chen Xinghan appeared on the CCTV2 show "One Man, One World". Not only did he share his own journey of making games, he also started with his idol, Mr. Yao Zhuangxian, the producer of the Legend of the Magic Sword Taiwan exchange. The theme of "Let the game be a lifelong playmate" received applause from the audience. Chen Xinghan made us understand that as an artist of a game, just like the creators of movies and literary works, it should be respected and recognized by people.

Chen Xinghan on CCTV

Five years after the release of "Wind Journey", at the Apple conference, Chen Xinghan finally made a stunning debut with That Game Company's new work "SKY Light Encounter". There are still many shadows of "Wind Journey" in the game, and the art has also inherited a quiet and elegant style. Players can fly freely, shuttle between clouds, and experience an incredible adventure with their family and friends.

SKY photo encounter

"SKY Light Encounter", a new game developed by That Game Company for five years, has been represented by the domestic mobile game maker NetEase, and the first test has started on March 15. If you don't have the opportunity to play the journey of the wind on the host platform, then you may wish to open the phone and experience the new work of this game Zen master. Let us follow the guidance of light, soar in the sky and meet at the other end of the sea of clouds.

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