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Frostpunk PC version integrates DLC
Bingqi Times is a simulation business game produced and distributed by 11bitstudios. The developer has created the famous "This Is My War". This game will be available on the PC platform on April 24, 2018. Interested players please download and experience.
  • Type: Simulation
  • Language: Chinese
  • Size: 5.7 GB
  • grade:
  • Manufacturer: Region: Europe and America
  • Release: April 24, 2018
  • Updated: 1/22/2020
  • Environment: Win7, Win8, WinAll
  • Tags: Frost Punk Survival Strategy Disaster


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Game introduction

Bingqi Era is a simulation business game produced and distributed by 11 bit studios. The developer has created the famous "This Is My War", this is an end-of-life game with a theme of society. The last city to experience a dystopian human torture.

【game introduction】

In "Ice Age" players will become the managers of the last city on earth, expanding the city to survive. In order to ensure that few humans in the world can survive, sometimes difficult decisions must be made. For example, in terms of legislative management: if child labor is injured, is it forbidden to hire child labor, or is it ignored for development. Whether to ban sawdust in food, although it may not taste so bad.

Ice Steam Original Painting 1

[Game Content]

The city must survive

"Ice Age" is the latest social survival game launched by the developers of "This Is My War". Heating is the key to survival, and all your decisions come at a price. In a world covered by snow and ice, humans have developed steam-powered heating technology to withstand the severe cold. Your mission is to build the last city on the planet and obtain the necessary resources for the survival of the city.

As a leader, you need to strike a balance between development needs, resource constraints, compassion, and careful choice. The main line of the game is to manage the city and society, but players also need to inspect the outside world from time to time to understand its yesterday and today.

What choices will you make for the survival of the city? What do you do when forced into despair? After all, what kind of person will you be?

To make laws

Make laws that bring order to society, determine people's work schedules, medical care, food, and other important aspects of life, and maintain their hope and satisfaction. Maintaining the moral order of the city is as important as ensuring the safety of people's clothing and food.

Ice steam era original painting 2

Shaping your society

At a critical juncture, you must decide without hesitation on the future of the people. Will you rule with an iron fist or govern with compassion and faith? It's up to you to take an extreme or mild approach, but you can't go back once you make a choice.

Consider your choice

Some choices seem insignificant, such as how to deal with a dissatisfied citizen and whether to meet the requirements of the new faction. However, all your choices can lead to unexpected results. People trust you and are willing to pour their energy. As a leader, you have a heavy responsibility.

Develop new technologies

To survive, we must develop. While responding to current events, you also need to look to the future, invest in and develop technology. Building fully-automated robots, airships, and other high-tech infrastructure is not easy, but it is not trivial. Everything depends on your management and leadership.

Explore the Frostlands

In addition to your home base, New London, it's also important to explore the unknown world outside the city. Although there are risks to the expedition, it will bring you useful intelligence and valuable materials to help you increase the urban population. There may be other survivors in Frostland whose fate is entirely in your hands.

Endless mode

Endless mode is the latest update of the Ice Vapor Age, and players have been waiting for it. As the game's largest DLC so far, Endless Mode includes brand new maps, game modes and mechanics, allowing you to immerse yourself in the game world like never before.

[Endless mode experience]

Ice Steam Original Painting 3

In "Ice Age", the endless mode is the latest large-scale DLC. Players will face more difficult survival challenges than this one. Players may not know how to survive the snowstorm in this extremely difficult mode. The game is brought below. Of endless mode.

冰汽时代无尽模式心得 Click to look at : Endless Mode Experience in the Ice and Steam Era

[London help solution]

Ice Steam Original Painting 4

In "Ice Age", the London Gang is a very annoying dweller in the game. It is an illegal element among the people in the last days. It will cause great harm to stay in the city. Below is a solution to the London Gang shared by players.

There are two ways to solve the London Gang.

The first method, after you help out in London, will let you choose order or belief. The first method is belief, because belief is relatively simple. Establish a church and actively provide food to the suffering people. In this case, I hope the value will continue Increase, when the player's hope value exceeds 50%, no one will join the London Gang, and even members of the London Gang will continue to open gangs.

The second method is more extreme. Choosing order is a very extreme policy. After choosing order, it will kill all the people who resist. This way, Xiaobian strongly recommends players not to choose, because it is very easy to choose. Stir the people's anger and even cause civil change!

[Chinese play]

"Ice Age" was originally a human torture game for players to choose and abandon in desperation. The original intention of the production team was to let players understand that human beings are actually worthless in front of nature. But our Chinese gameplay is completely contrary to the developers, and the behavior of self-help in production makes people laugh and cry.

Weibo picture

In the "Ice Age" game, players need to manage a city built in ice and snow. Players must serve the citizens while resisting the cold. The game production company said that the purpose of the game is to allow players to choose between morality and humanity, to feel the smallness of human beings in the face of nature.

What is human insignificance? For Chinese players, "Dare to call Sun and Moon for a new day!" This doomsday-style game has been played by Chinese players to become a self-help, self-help, inspirational game! Chinese players start from the overall situation in the game, fully carry forward the spirit of sacrificing the ego to complete the ego, and endure hardships and hardships. Even if the whole factory works overtime, it is necessary to pay attention to production to promote efficiency to ensure that the heating boiler is constantly fired, so that everyone in the city There are warm buns.

[Recommended by the modifier]

Ice steam era modifier Daquan pictures

"Ice Age" is a survival simulation business game around the theme of social disasters. Because the player's city in the game often faces resource shortages and survival choices, it is always unbearable. The modifiers provided here support various A variety of functions to help players successfully play games out of socialist production.

Ice steam era modifier recommended
Wind Spirit Moon Shadow Modifier peizhaochen modifier steam modifier
冰汽时代修改器大全 More Views : Daquan Era Modifiers

[Configuration requirements]

Minimum configuration requirements:

Operating system: Windows 10

CPU: Intel Core i5

Memory: 8GB

Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960

Recommended configuration requirements:

Operating system: Windows 10

CPU: Intel Core i7

Memory: 16GB

Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060

Note: The hard disk space required for this game is 3GB!

[Game Video]

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Steampunk is a compound word composed of the words steam and punk. Steam naturally represents a large machine powered by a steam engine. His works often rely on some hypothetical new technologies, such as new energy, new machinery, new materials, new means of transportation, etc., to display an overhead world view parallel to the Western world in the 19th century, and strive to create its characteristics of fiction and nostalgia. ...
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D3DX9_XX.DLL/PHYSXLOADER.DLL/配置不正常等 Common problems and solutions

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Frostpunk PC hard drive version integrates The Last Autumn DLC

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