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游戏专题 Metro: Last Light Chinese cracked version of the game
Subway: The last dawn is a recently released FPS masterpiece. This is an adaptation of a Russian best-selling novel of the same name. It talks about the surface of a toxic chemical gas after a major disaster, as well as various Dangerous mutants are hiding in the dark, and surviving humans continue to fight for survival.


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Game introduction

The last dawn of the subway is a shooting game made by 4A Games. This game is based on a Russian best-selling novel of the same name. It talks about the surface filled with various toxic chemical gases after a major disaster, and various Dangerous mutants are hiding in the dark, and surviving humans continue to fight for survival.

【game introduction】

The final dawn photo of the subway

Subway: The last dawn is built with a relatively advanced 3D engine, the picture effect is very shocking, and the fighting action is smooth, the rendering of light and shadow is very good, but the requirements for the configuration of the game are quite high, you need a configuration A decent machine to run. The story of this sequel takes place in 2034. The game will present everyone with a rush to explore, adventure and exciting battle mode for players to experience!

[Game Features]

The first dawn of the subway publicity picture 1

Immerse yourself in the Moscow Metro-Witness one of the most awesome worlds in the game with amazing next-generation visual effects at 60FPS-Bravely face the horrors of Russian Apocalypse-Equip gas masks and deadly mutants with a lot of handmade weapons when facing threats Human enemies and the terrible environment itself

Rebuilt and remade for next generation products-including all previous DLC content, new modes and features, and many game improvements, this is the authoritative version of the widely acclaimed classic game that fans and novices alike will love

Two unique game styles: "Spartan" and "Survival"-treat the game as a slow survival horror, or use the Spartan Ranger's combat skills to solve the game in these two unique modes

The legendary Ranger mode is back-do you dare to play the scary Ranger mode? Without HUD, UI, a combination of more deadly combat and limited resources, it is not possible to create the ultimate immersive experience

[How to play a good ending]

The last dawn of the subway publicity picture 2

This is a sequel to 2033. Under the blessing of the novel, the plot is stable and rising. Many players are concerned about the final fate of their characters. However, this is not a single ending. Most players When I played for the first time, almost all the ordinary endings were played, that is, the protagonist died, so how to play the final dawn of the subway? Players who don't know yet, come and see the good ending trigger method introduced by Xiaobian.

Listen to all the big and small conversations. Donate everything you can. Venice can be drunk, but remember to lose money. And try not to kill people. I only had red squre to find Parvel, and finally D6 had to kill people as a last resort. All other places sneaked in and knocked people out. Then neither parvel nor ranger killed the traitor, and after fighting the big bear boss, they chased and killed three dogs to save the bear boss.

[How to set up Chinese]

The last dawn of the subway publicity picture 3

This game does not have an official Chinese option for players to choose from, so many players have not known how to set Chinese at the last dawn of the subway after downloading the game. For those players who do not know how to set Chinese, Xiaobian brings some solutions. method.

Players can download some Chinese patches from third-party websites if they are downloaded from the steam or epic platform.

However, if the player downloads the game from this site, there is no need to worry about this problem, because the download of this site is integrated with Chinese, the player can directly and smoothly play.

Of course, if the player has this demand, Xiaobian also try to meet it. The following is the finalized patch of the dawning remake of the subway brought by Xiaobian.

地铁最后的曙光重制版汉化补丁 Click to download : The Dawn of the Metro Subway Remake Patch

[Plot analysis]

The final dawn of the subway publicity picture 4

The subway series games are actually adapted from the works of Russian novelist Dmitry Grukowski. This novel has certain practical significance, and the adapted games are naturally novels in the degree of mastery of the plot. As a gatekeeper, especially for the last dawn of the second subway of the series of games, there is basically no major change to the novel, so that the plot is more self-consistent, and players generally respond well. The following editors will bring you the final analysis of the subway ’s dawning story to help you generally know what kind of story the game tells.

The hero of this story, Al Jom, really did the classic in "How Steel Is Made": Fighting for the cause of all mankind. Although Al Jom is doing great things, human nature always has In the dark place, in addition to being chased and killed by monsters, he is constantly being chased by his own kind, humans of various factions. This road is really too difficult. Fortunately, a lot of friends are needed to help him make him eventually. Survived, and he finally killed DARK ONE by 2033.

A year later, 2034 (the last dawn), awakened by a nightmare, he embarked on a journey of atonement.

On this way, he repeatedly and illusionally saw the scene before the outbreak of the nuclear war: the terrified captain of the imminent crash of the passenger plane and the deputy captain who shouted that I did not want to die, and a family of three saw distant flying on the window Nuclear bomb, although a little girl is already a ghost, but she does n’t know that she is dead, she has been playing with her toys, waiting for her mother who has n’t been back for more than 20 years. She saw a father and son in the subway. Fishing, an elder is trying to tell the children what the bird is. When they climbed up the surface of Moco again, the same scene in 2033 appeared again. He saw the beautiful park in peacetime. Maybe these scenes for Algiom Will shock him.

But for our real players, all this is enough to cause an impact on our hearts. Human warfare is always provoked by some lunatics. It does n’t say that war promotes the development of science and technology. Just saying that the cruelty of war is enough to show that war is always It's a Pandora's box. Once opened, it will always be destroyed. Think about it. Without this nuclear war, the survivors in the subway still live their lives on the bright surface, sharing the joy of family and family with the family, on the plane. Those passengers will also arrive in Moscow safely, the little girl's mother has already returned, and the children will never see the birds.

But everything is late, the war has happened and everything has been destroyed.

Although Argiom was finally sacrificed (really the greatness of life and the glory of death), it is clear that his efforts have not changed anything. The underground humans are still very enthusiastic about killing each other (human inferiority), who I don't know what will happen to this group of humans in the future, maybe they will be destroyed, and they will suddenly unite because of one thing.

[How to change the gas mask]

The dawn of the subway publicity picture 5

The gas mask is a very important item in the game. If the player does not pay attention to this thing, the character will die as soon as he comes out of the safety zone. But when we need to leave the safety zone, we may suddenly forget the specific operation of how to change the gas mask at the last dawn of the subway. The following Xiaobian brings two operation methods on the pc and ps4.


To press the G key to wear a gas mask, press and hold the G key to remove the gas mask. While wearing the mask, press G to wipe the mask. Press T to replace the canister.


After pressing L2, there is a gas mask option, it seems that the L2 + cross key is up.

[How to charge]

The dawn of the subway publicity picture 6

Because the world in which the player lives is a wasteland world, the power in the game is not very developed, and many devices require the player to recharge by themselves. So how does the last dawn of the subway charge? Players who don't know the method can see the method description brought by Xiaobian.

Generally speaking, players need to charge the flashlight and night vision device. When you need to charge, hold down the F key, you will get a hand-cranked charger, and then press the left button wildly to let the pointer point to the far right. Fully charged. Of course, charging can not only make the night vision device available, but also increase the brightness of your flashlight, and you can shoot farther.

Some special weapons also need to be charged in order to be effective, such as the electromagnetic storm gun, which must be continuously charged (long press R and then continuously click the left mouse button until the pointer points to the top). If it is not charged, With each hit, the power is getting smaller and smaller.

[Metro game series]

The subway game series is a first-person shooter developed by 4a-games. It was originally issued by thq agent. After thq failed, it was released by deep silver. The return of subway is only the first two collection games in the series. Players who want to play the subway game series can look down.

Subway game series

Return from subway

Return from subway

The return of the subway is a series of subway productions produced and distributed by 4A Games. The content integrates the two works of "Subway 2033 Remake" and "The Last Dawn Remake". This work not only uses the latest virtual engine to remake the game, but Adding more original plots makes the game more complete, which can be called a "real director version".

Subway 2033

Subway 2033

Metro 2033 is a sci-fi shooting game released by Deep Silver developed by 4A Games. In 2013, an apocalyptic event destroyed the entire world, almost wiped out the entire human race, and turned the surface of the earth into a poisonous wasteland. A few survivors avoided the depths of Moscow underground, and human civilization entered a new dark age.

Metro: Escape

Metro: Escape

Subway: Metro Exodus is a sequel to the small gods "Subway 2033" and "Subway: The Last Dawn". The game combines the elements of terror and stealth on the basis of first-person shooting. Players will face various crisis situations in the former Russian Federation under the doomsday wasteland against mutant creatures or enemy humans.

地铁游戏系列大全 Click to look at : Daquan game series

[Patch recommendation]

[The Last Dawn Modifier of the Subway ]

The Fourteen Dawn Modifiers for the Last Dawn of the Metro is an extremely comprehensive auxiliary software made by [GRIZZLY] for the last Dawn of the large-scale stand-alone game Metro, especially for the novice players.

[The last dawn of the subway skips the opening animation patch ]

The subway ’s last dawn remastered version of the skipping opening animation patch is a skipping opening animation patch created by the player for the so-called “movie-level masterpiece” shooting game “The Last Dawn of the Metro”.

The last dawn of the subway is a very cruel game. In order to compete for the doomsday device, war between various races broke out. Many players do n’t like it or have a long opening animation. The skip animation patch can help players completely solve this problem. Let players no longer have trouble!

[FPS game recommendation]

The last dawn of the subway is actually a fps game, but there are a lot of fps games on the market, but there are very few games that combine plot and design like subway series games. For those who are not satisfied with the subway series games For fps players, I also brought more fps game recommendations that are not only excellent in gameplay, but also full score on the plot, I hope everyone likes them.

FPS game recommendation

Half-Life 2 Chapter 2

Half-Life 2 Chapter 2

With the follow-up to Chapter One of Half-Life 2 released in 2006, the main plot of the game follows the previous one. The story of the game took place in City 17 of the capital of the United Army. This storm of another portal was opened to lead the planet to extinction. The protagonist obtained the information of the portal and sent it to the team in time. A secret scientist hides to find a way to close the portal.

Bioshock 1

Bioshock 1

Developed and produced by 2K Boston, 2K Australia, 2K is a first-person shooting game full of weapons and tactics you have never seen before. From simple revolvers to grenade launchers and chemical ejectors, you will have a complete arsenal, but you will also be forced to change your genes to create a more lethal weapon: yourself.

Quantum fragmentation

Quantum fragmentation

This game is mainly called a game by a third person. In this game, the player has to play the role of the protagonist, and you have to use the transition phantom to play cool in the game. The operation of the entire game is pretty good. Different enemies, and your ultimate goal is to save the world. Here you are in a world where time is falling, and here will bring you infinite challenges. Do n’t miss the favorite players.

FPS游戏推荐 Click to look at : Recommended FPS games

[Configuration requirements]

System: Windows XP 32-bit, Vista, Win 7, Win 8

CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.2GHz

Memory: 2GB

Graphics: NVIDIA GTS 250, AMD HD Radeon 4000 series or higher

Recommended configuration:

System: Windows Vista, 7 or 8

CPU: 2.6GHz quad-core processor or Intel Core i5

Memory: 4GB

Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 580/660 Ti, AMD HD 7870 or higher

[Game Video]

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Similar games to Metro 2033

Games similar to Metro 2033 organize games on the market that are very similar to the first-person shooter "Metro 2033", such as "Metro: Return", "Metro: The Last Dawn", "Metro: Departure", and of course, "Radiation 4" Series, "Far New Dawn of Far Cry", etc., please search by yourself.
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Subway game series

The subway game series is mainly shooting, and the graphics of this game are very spectacular. In the game, players will experience thrilling feelings. In this game, players can survive only by destroying their enemies. There are various collections of subway game downloads in ’s subway game series. Do n’t miss it.
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FPS game Daquan

The FPS game is a very classic game type. In the early days of the game, this type of game won considerable popularity. However, due to the limited level of technology at the time, the simple 3D effects could not fully realize the full potential of the fps stand-alone game, but With the development of technology, FPS games have ushered in the spring, but the selection of the rapidly increasing number of works has also become a big problem, so the editors searched from the fps game rankings ...
A total of 18

Daquan fighting game

Real-life fighting games are a type of fighting games. Unlike gorgeous fighting games that focus on combo combos such as Street Fighter and King of Fighters, real-life fighting games tend to focus more on realistic two-sided fighting, such as the "VR "Warrior" series, but there are also exaggerated works of real-life fighting games, such as "Mortal Kombat", "Death or Life" and the like.
Screenshots of the last dawn game of the subway

D3DX9_XX.DLL/PHYSXLOADER.DLL/配置不正常等 Common problem solution D3DX9_XX.DLL / PHYSXLOADER.DLL / configuration is not normal, etc.

download link

Metro: Last Light Chinese finished version

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I have played this! In the end, the protagonist sacrificed the alien and was saved, but the protagonist did not die and the next subway left.

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