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Dragon Quest: Heroes 2 PC Chinese Version
Dragon Quest: Heroes 2 is the latest series of Dragon Quest series developed and produced by SquareEnix. It perfectly integrates all the classic content from the past with the most mainstream gameplay operations. If you are also a fan of Dragon Quest, Don't miss it if you are also interested.
  • Type: Action Adventure
  • Language: Traditional Chinese
  • Size: 23.3 GB
  • grade:
  • Manufacturer: Region: Japan
  • Release: April 25, 2017
  • Updated: 12/26/2019
  • Environment: WinXP, Win7
  • Tags: Dragon Quest: Heroes 2 Dragon Quest ARPG


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Game introduction

Dragon Quest Heroes 2 cracked version is the latest work of Dragon Quest series developed and produced by Square Enix, which integrates all previous classic content with the most mainstream gameplay operations perfectly. If you are also a fan of Dragon Quest If you are interested, don't miss it.

【game introduction】

In Dragon Quest Heroes 2 game, players can manipulate various monsters to directly compete with the enemy in this game. In the previous titled "Dragon Quest: Heroes", the game has two auxiliary monsters, which can provide players with different combat assistance.

And this time in "Dragon Quest: Heroes 2", a "morphing monster" was added. After obtaining this kind of props, you can turn into a powerful monster in a short time to fight against the enemy.

The game uses 3D action effects this time, and the content has a very large RPG element, which is by far the most outstanding work of Dragon Quest.

Dragon Quest Heroes 2 Game Picture 3

The traditional Chinese version will be accompanied by the following first production-limited bonuses: "Dragon Quest I" props costumes (for men and heroines) that can be used in this game, and experience points that can be increased within a period of time `` Energy Bead '', `` Slim Knight's Shield '', `` Slaying Leopard Claw '', `` Killing Machine Crossbow '', `` Slim Tower Staff '', `` Baby Devil Fork '', `` Eider Duck Whip '' , "Giant Warrior Fist", and "Homilon Recipe" that can be used in "Dragon Quest Creator World".

[Game Features]

Dragon Quest Heroes 2 Game Picture 4

, The perfect combination of Warriors and Dragon Quest, the glorious omega Force team and SE jointly create a DQ for action gameplay!

, Revised the much-maligned tower defense gameplay of the previous game, Hero Rally 2 brings players a pure RPG team adventure gameplay experience

, Various career choices and excellent stories, players can freely choose their favorite careers for transfer, and then experience wonderful Japanese royal stories

DQ series director Yui Soi, famous cartoonist Toriyama Tori, and famous musician Hiroyuki Takiyama continued to create authentic DQ games for players

[Strongest lineup]

Because in "Dragon Quest: Heroes 2" players often face a large number of enemies and powerful bosses, so the protagonist is not alone and can bring different teammates, so how to match the lineup to play the strongest strength, Here are the recommendations for the lineup.

Dragon Quest Heroes 2 Game Picture 1

Recommended strongest lineups are the main characters, Terry, Kukulu, Mireya

Except for Jia Bo and the businessman, all other characters are very easy to use.

[Protagonist] If you haven't been transferred, you can only say that it is normal, and the game of transfer should also come to an end, almost no need;

[Businessman] No output, poor milk volume, fat and beeping, can be a mascot;

[Axewoman] Olnesser, she is enough meat, she has to attack herself, and she has to defend herself. On the previous map, there are many strange people. In the later period, the outbreak raged out and was output by the devil to cut, with high damage and high crit;

[Kizal] The prince is okay, keep the distance, brush the ice sword, it is relatively safe for the group, there is no explosive force, no need to;

[Jia Bo] This attack looks so good. The boss can't touch it. The damage is terrible. I haven't lost much blood after playing for a long time. I went to the pub quickly.

[Marie Bell] Little Loli is strong, all the skills can be doubled, large-scale defense, double flamingo, just walk around and continue to double flamingo. If the monster is staring at you, take a walk around the flaming bird, the output is very good, and it is safe. For those flexible BOSS, 5 small fireball long-range tracking missiles, it is recommended to bring a prayer ring, basically relying only on skill output. This character is very fun. Y threw the boomerang, turned back and kept the distance, the dart just came back, and then double flame bird + landed, then turned back and lost the dart, it is estimated that the flame bird is almost, and then double flame bird, this precision stunt is loli It's exclusive, it's safe to go out without preparing for action, and I've turned over and became addicted.

[Terry] One generation of male gods. Although this game is not as buggy as the first generation, it is still very strong. There is magic plunder. I still change my skills to the first generation, and open the vampire sword to repeat the routine of the first generation. Strong;

[Hassen] Attack high skin and thick meat, increase the attack by yourself, level A output, damage and explode in the process, a critical strike flying cricket is even higher than other people's big kills, the routine is: boxing + boxing + foot + Shoulder bump (dodges and hurts), in addition to BOSS and individual monsters, there are nurses who can basically hard steel, and can self-milk if necessary;

[Minia] My sister has never been absent, remote + defense + group therapy, other people have less milk than her sister, and have never changed after joining the team;

[Mania] The process of her sister is normal. The giant is very good. After the high level, she can throw the fire dragon in the middle and long distance. The output is considerable and relatively safe. The high level game has already ended. Go to the tavern.

[Jessica] In general, the whip is good for cleaning up miscellaneous soldiers. The preparation for returning to the blood is too long and not very easy to use. Tavern;

[Kukulu] The group's attack and refueling can be said to be one of the best supports. Since I saw his cold smile, I decisively sent it to the tavern;

[Cliff] In general, the group defends, and if it is so arrogant, what defense is added, I kicked the attack;

[Alina] The little princess is violent, weak against the group, strong against BOSS, dodging the counterattack, but weakening the enemy, bursting her legs ... ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Pop .. Pop .. Pop .. Separation + Attention. So cool, I'm addicted.

[Where is the golden claw]

Dragon Quest Heroes 2 Game Picture 5

In "Dragon Quest: Heroes 2", the golden claw is a very powerful weapon. The special effect is that when attacking, there is a certain chance to knock the enemy off, which will make the enemy unable to fight back. The golden claw weapon is brought below. Get method.

The prerequisite for obtaining Golden Claw is to clear the main line, complete the thief mission, and obtain the treasure chest in the battle of Gaiwal. It will only be available after seeing the blacksmith in the desert.

The original desert is not a blacksmith, a businessman, or the businessman who gave you the entry permit and the monster box in the same place as when you gave your pass!

[Leveling location]

"Dragon Quest: Heroes Rally 2" is a game without peer RPG. Not only the protagonist of the player needs to level up, but the teammates also need to be online to make the team stronger. So what are the better leveling locations for the game? Then, here are specific recommendations.

Dragon Quest Heroes 2 Game Picture 2

Progress requirements:

Can go to Lingfeng

Leveling location:

The grass map west of the initial map must be reached from the road southwest of Lingfeng, otherwise there will be an enchantment blocking it

Suggested role:

1. Rogue character or Kukuru

2. Mania or Multi-Stage Character


When I first arrived here, in addition to the weak monsters in the grasshopper, there were elite monster saber-toothed tigers, and then there was a map king dragon swordsman on the upper platform, but this strength was better (I personally think it is better than the graveyard). Ogre Troll Weak)

After the teleportation point is opened, you will find a big demon when you jump down to the platform, and the enchantment will disappear after being killed.

the way:

This area is the easiest map among wandering metals, and the difficulty is the karst zone.The Demon Warrior there is only difficult to describe ...

There is only a saber-toothed tiger except for the long-reborn Dragon Swordsman.Although it is also one of the hardest monsters, it is much better in comparison.After the transmission, the upper layer is cleaned up again.There are many flying monsters.It is recommended to use the library. Kuru's multiple locks (previous generation bad skills)

If you don't want to use it or you haven't obtained it, use the protagonist's thief to install the bow, jump down, and then clear the lower layer and teleport it back. The entire area will refresh. The refreshed saber-toothed tiger has the opportunity to become a metal slime or even stray metal. The character of the number of segments is cut hard. Fortunately, one of the critical strikes is lost in seconds. The only worry here is that the elite saber-toothed tiger draws a rare hanging name. Please use the explosive and combat coins saved in the previous cleanup. Most of the characters in this period will be dropped by this elite ...


The stray metal EXP is as high as 40,000+, even LV39 can be upgraded as long as 10, metal monsters will also drop metal keys, the team above LV40 can spend the keys to open the metal king's space-time maze, and the slime knight will drop Slime earrings, whether they are used for disassembly or sold in stores (500G), are not without small supplements. Saber-toothed tigers will also drop jewelry that reduces the gap between moves.It is very useful for some characters. Here, it is easy for me to take the five roles of male and female protagonists. Trained to 30+, other characters are close to level 40

勇者斗恶龙英雄2练级攻略 For more leveling methods, click to view : Dragon Quest Heroes 2 Leveling Raiders


In "Dragon Quest: Heroes 2", players can choose a variety of professions, such as warriors, mages, priests, etc. Not only can the protagonist can be transferred, but teammates can also change advanced professions. Many players will compare what professions they transfer to Confused, here is the recommended strategy for transfer.

Dragon Quest Heroes 2 Game Picture 6

How to transfer

The transfer method for high-level occupations is similar to that in FF14. After two low-level occupations are trained to 20, transfer tasks can be received.

Warriors and martial arts will be converted to combat master missions when they reach level 20.

Mages and priests have sage missions at level 20.

The thief will have the task of getting the key to level 20. After completing, he can open the black treasure chest.

After the protagonist's transfer task is completed, the deputy protagonist has also trained to two professions corresponding to level 20 and can also transfer to a senior career.

PS: All professions in this generation should be practiced, because some of the attribute points in the plus point are universal for the whole profession. If your lower-level occupation level is very low, then these points will be wasted, resulting in your high-level professional ability value will be relatively low, low-level The best job is to level 36, you can unlock all attribute points.

Career recommendation

Magician: "Meila" + "Quick Singing Staff" + "Out of Control Magic Array" + "Lightning", Two-handed Staff Proficiency Level 9 and Suction Blue, a burst of damage passed, you know.

Master of Battle: After equipping the claws, "Separated Fist" + "Burst Fist" + "Miracle Strike" + "Focused Attack" has a considerable output while ensuring that you are not afraid of hanging up without blood (of course, there is nothing you can do to slap to death, and it is also difficult for the fairy Save it).

Team role recommendation

Alina: Loli girl paper, "Knowing Breath" + "Separated Fist" + "Burst Fist" set of damage is considerable.

Terry: He claims to be the strongest swordsman. The output of the "Slash" and "Vacuum Slash" is quite good. "Miracle Sword Technique" can absorb blood to enhance survival.

Olnisser: High attack female, "Steel Armor Slash" (reduces defense and speed of nearby enemies), and "Sky Demon Slash" are quite powerful.

Kukulu: "Chaos" + "Bright Bow" + "Power Sniper" + "Bajilto" (to increase the team's attack power), who knows who to use.

Minia: Long-range milk, "Behomala" whole blood, "Demon card" reduces monster defense, as a brain-disabled AI assisted survivability is better than melee assist.

[Recommended by the modifier]

Dragon Quest Hero 2 Modifier Picture

"Dragon Quest: Heroes 2" can't say how difficult the game is, but because it integrates RPG and Wushuang elements, the game is very livery. It includes experience, life, money and other modification functions to help players easily clear the level and save a lot of brushes. Brush time.

勇者斗恶龙英雄2修改器 Click to download : Dragon Quest Hero 2 Modifier

[Configuration requirements]

OS: Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10 (64bit required)

Processor: Core i7 2600 3.4GHz or better

Memory: 4 GB RAM

Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 Ti or AMD Radeon HD 7870

DirectX version: 11

Storage: 30 GB available space

[Game Video]

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