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Victoria 2 Chinese Hard Disk Edition
Victoria 2 is a very grand strategy masterpiece. The background of the game is set in Europe in the 19th century. Players will control a European country at the time, lead the country to strive to develop technology and military strength, occupy more and more colonies, It has become the most powerful country in the world, and it has become the sun-down empire in history.
  • Genre: Strategy Game
  • Language: Chinese
  • Size: 219.0 MB
  • grade:
  • Manufacturer: Region: Europe and America
  • Release: August 13, 2010
  • Updated: 10/29/2019
  • Environment: WinXP, Win7, WinAll
  • Label: Victoria 2 Strategy 4x Strategy P Agency Four Meng


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Game introduction

Victoria 2 is a very grand strategy masterpiece. The background of the game is set in Europe in the 19th century. Players will control a European country at the time, lead the country to strive to develop technology and military strength, occupy more and more colonies, It has become the most powerful country in the world, and it has become the sun-down empire in history.

【game introduction】

The Chinese version of Victoria 2 has a very complex game system. There are more than 200 countries to choose from in the game. These countries have various polities and social states. The economic module in the game is also very interesting. As many as 50 kinds of goods and perfect market system have added a lot of points to this game.

Victoria 2 game picture 1

[Game Features]

1. Very engaging political simulation with multiple different government types in the game.

2. A highly detailed economic system with over 50 different types of goods and factories.

3. Carry out a simulation game on a giant land map covering the whole world.

4. Improved technology system with thousands of inventions waiting for you to explore.

5. At the end of the game, you can import the game save to "Iron Ambitions 3".

Victoria 2 game picture 2

6. Streamlined interface makes the game easier to use.

7. Various missions appear automatically, including business operations and growth of teeth.

8. The scope of the influence system has also been improved, and players can control some large-scale battles.

9. New types of people, including activists and craftsmen.

10. Cannon giant ship doctrine, parking a fleet outside the port of the other side is more convincing than any negotiation.

11. The education system has been improved. People in charge of the church will have the same religious beliefs, and each people has their own cultural level.

12. A new general election system with the participation of the coalition government, high family and the Senate.

13. Follow the historical and dynamic mission plan to guide your country through the history.

[Encyclopedia of Cheats]

First make sure the console is turned on, you can find the console option in the game settings, and then after entering the game, press ~ to enter the cheats.

Victoria 2 game picture 3

cash plus 1000

goods Plus 10000 all goods in national warehouse + 10k

leadership = +100 leadership

instantproduction = Turn on the construction unit to complete it instantly and close it again (instantaneous completion does not include factories, valid worldwide, use with caution)

instantresearch = Start R & D to be completed in an instant and then closed again (effective worldwide, use with caution, use the world's technology capital)

event 19310 Less struggle and less awakening

event 15200 War Relief

event 15240 minus bb

event 14680 population growth

event 18570 Increase research points or prestige

event 19046 Research points and prestige increase significantly

event 19300 Increased immigration appeal

event 18500 reduces awakening or struggle

event 18520 reduces battle damage

event 18540 increase prestige or reduce BB

event 18190 Canadian militarism increases war targets

event 3000 5 Liberal seats in the Canadian Parliament

More Cheats: Victoria 2 Cheats Encyclopedia Diplomatic Cheats and Tech Cheats

【country code】

There are many countries in the Victoria 2 game, and it is very inefficient to quickly find the country without using the country code. The following editors bring you the complete country code of Victoria 2. Please don't miss it if you are interested.

Victoria 2 game picture 4

Victoria 2 country code

ALB: Albania

ANH: Anhalt

ARG: Argentina

ARM: Armenia

ATJ: Aceh

AUS: Austria

AZB: Azerbaijan

BAD: Baden

BAV: Bavaria

BEL: Belgium

BOH: Bohemia-Moravia

BOL: Bolivia

BOS: Bosnia and Herzegovina

BRA: Brunswick

BRE: Bremen

BRZ: Brazil

BUL: Bulgaria

CAT: Catalonia

CHE: Cherokee

HAM: Hamburg

HAN: Hanover

HDJ: Han Chi

HEK: Hessen-Kassel

HES: Hessen-Darmstadt

HOL: Holstein

HON: Honduras

HUN: Hungary

ION: Ionian Islands

IRE: Ireland

IRQ: Iraq

ITA: Italy

KRA: Krakow

KUK: Austro-Hungarian Empire

LAT: Latvia

LIP: Lippe Detmold

LIT: Lithuania

LOM: Lombardy

LUA: Luang Prabang

PHI: Philippines

PNM: Panama

POL: Poland

PRG: Paraguay

PRU: Prussia

QUE: Quebec

REB: Rebels

ROM: Romania

RUS: Russia

RUT: Russinia

SAR: Kingdom of Sardinia

SAX: Saxony

SCA: Scandinavia

SCH: Schleswig

SER: Serbia

SGF: Confederation of South Germany

SIC: Two Sicily

SIE: Transylvania

SLO: Slovenia

维多利亚2国家代码大全 Details: Victoria 2 Country Codes

[Daqing Kaihua Raiders]

Many players in Victoria 2 will choose Qing Dynasty, so how to play Qing Dynasty, how to quickly cultivate. The following will bring you a detailed culture strategy, everyone can follow the steps to complete the culture.

Victoria 2 game picture 5

1. The game begins with the election of the Emperor Party and military expansion.

2. Education and administrative expenditures are the largest, military expenditures are 0, supplies are 0, and taxes are the largest. The national focus is: develop bureaucrats by population.

3. When encountering rebel choices, generally choose repression. Awakening is better for the future (the suppression of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, which was weak before the enlightenment, is simply a Bailu research point).

4. Insist on the development of science and technology, reaching more than 6,300 research points, close to the first technology, and began to design the reasons for declaring war on Vietnam. It is best that SL advance the time many times to minimize the notoriety. After the declaration of war, you can just let the younger brothers fight, and your own troops will perform law and order there. During the war, Western military training technology was realized. This way, if you swallow the Great Southern Empire, you can get a lot of research points. Basically, the second western weapon technology is also enough (more research points in the next battle).

Victoria 2 game picture 6

5. It is possible to declare Central Asian countries, preferably without allies, while renewing their armed forces, dissolving the militia, establishing infantry, and selecting generals. Destroy several Central Asian countries in turn, North Korea, Myanmar, and Boluo, each time increasing military technology (the first 4), and then increasing financial efficiency technology.

6. Strict suppression of notoriety, about 1856-1858, should be civilized. After the opening of the Qing Dynasty, priority was given to the research on the science and technology of cultural science and technology, the improvement of research sites, and the science and technology that raise the national focus. In the early days, it was possible to farm first, develop industrial, cultural and commercial science and technology, and improve productivity and scientific research capabilities.

[Configuration requirements]

Operating system: XP / Vista / Windows7

Processor: Intel? Pentium? IV 2.4 GHz or AMD 3500+

Memory: 2 Gb RAM

Hard Disk Space: 2 GB of available hard disk space

Graphics: NVIDIA? GeForce 8800 or ATI Radeon? X1900

Sound Card: DirectX? Compatible

Controller support: Three-button mouse, keyboard and speakers

Special requirements for multiplayer games: Internet connection for multiplayer games

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    Victoria 2 Chinese Hard Disk Edition

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