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游戏专题 Diablo 2 Chinese King of Destruction Free Installation v1.14d Game Special
Diablo 2 The Lord of Destruction is an action RPG game with a 45-degree oblique top view. Player-controlled characters always run in the center of the screen on a piece of dark land, kill enemies, hunt for treasure, and grow into their own race Master defeats the final demon king.


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Game introduction

Diablo 2 The Lord of Destruction is an action RPG game.The operation interface is a 45-degree oblique top-down angle.The player-controlled character is always in the center of the screen. The masters in their respective races defeat the ultimate demon king.

【game introduction】

"Diablo 2" can be said to be a stone that stirs up thousands of waves. Like Blizzard's usual style, they are also actively making an extended version of the game. This extended version has already published a lot of information. The name is: Diablo God of Destruction 2 Destruction, the game is expected to have a record sales of 2.75 million!

After more than three years of intense production, "Diablo 2" finally came to fruition. This belated follow-up is by far one of the most anticipated computer games. So it's no surprise that BlizzardNorth is brewing this popular entertainment game for all ages. For players who have experienced "Diablo", this game has a irresistible affinity for the way of hacking and killing, and "Diablo 2" is a more mysterious and magnificent game This explains exactly why there are so many years of production. It is regrettable that in order to achieve such twists and turns, and intriguing game effects, the price is that players have to endure low-resolution images, and some game manipulation problems. This may be a bit different from what players expect from Blizzard games.

In June 2000, the second generation of Diablo was officially released. It has been waiting for three years for a masterpiece, which caused a buying frenzy as soon as it was born. Extremely exquisite game screen with a resolution of 640 * 480 and a professional game art In terms of perspective, no game is more beautiful than its graphics-crazy equipment system, completely different characters and proprietary skill trees. Many people are amazed by it, and finally they have played it!

In June 2001, the Lord of Destruction of the Diablo II expansion pack was released.Two new characters, Druid and Assassin, were added, many new equipment, system improvements, and many new features were added.

Diablo Games
Diablo Diablo 2 Diablo 3
Diablo GOG Edition Diablo Hellfire Remastered Diablo 3 Reaper Of Souls
暗黑破坏神系列 Related Topics: Diablo Series

【to introduce a job】

Diablo 2 has a total of 5 classes to choose from, and each class has a unique appearance, skill tree, and even a unique dialogue with the NPC. Added druids and assassins to the Lord of Destruction film

Amazon (Amazon): The Amazons are a people from the islands in the Twin Seas. They make good use of bows, arrows, spears and javelins, and use these weapons to achieve the best combat results. Take the task of destroying the Three Evils as your responsibility. According to Amazon's regulations, only women can be soldiers, and men can be farmers or judicial officers.

Barbarian: A nation from the towering Mount Arreat, good at melee combat, has a strong physique, and is more and more brave. Mount Yarret is home to the guardian power of the entire Saint Hughary-the Stone of the World-and the barbarians and their three ancient spirits will swear to protect their home and the Stone of the World.

Sorceress: Wizards are actually mages that make up multiple clans, including Vizjerei, Tann, ... and so on. The witch was from the Zann Esu tribe, a strong witch tribe. You can use powerful lightning, flames, and frost magic. Destroying the three demon gods will be their biggest test.

Necromancer: Necromancer-A dark magician who is good at cursing, summoning monsters, and resurrecting the dead to serve him. Necromancers from the hot jungles of the East believed that there was a certain balance between life and death, and the appearance of the devil destroyed the power of this balance, so their purpose was to find the deities and destroy them.

Paladin: Paladin-an elite soldier in the Knights of Westmarch led by Leoric, receiving the light teachings of Sakaram-the sect of the Holy Light- He fights only for his own beliefs. Although the Paladins were a little over-zealous, they still followed the Holy Light in action.

Assassin: After Vizgerei survived the disasters of Batuk and Hradem, the rules of the magic killers came into being. Their task is to pay close attention to Ronin priests who may be controlled by evil forces. Many of their training is extremely effective in order not to be seduced by demons when performing their tasks.

Druids: Druids who are independent from the Eastern Magic Clan continue to delve into the incredible magic in the forests north of Sogren. They usually stay away from the crowd and live in megalithic castles covered with vines and ivy, loyal to tribal chiefs. Like the masters of nature, they can control the creatures of nature and the magical energy of nature.

[Process Raiders]

The story takes place a generation later, and the sealed Diaporo breaks free from bondage. This time he takes two brothers Mephisto and Barr to recover, and the protagonist (player) also starts to fight against evil. From Roger's camp to Lu Goin, to Kurast Seaport, and the Devil's Bastion, the protagonists finally defeated the three demon gods one by one.

The game has 5 chapters:

ACT I, "Nun's Church" Camp Rog;

ACT II, "Guangsha City" Lu Gao Yin;

ACT III, "Rainforest City" Kurast Seaport;

ACT IV, "Front of Hell" Swarm Fortress;

And the new ACT V in the Lord of Destruction, "Holy Mountain" Harrogas.

Diablo Chapters
Chapter 1 Camp Rog Chapter 2 Lu Goin Chapter III Kurast Harbour Chapter Four: The Demon Crowd Chapter Five

[Chapter BOSS]

Diablo 2 has 5 chapters, each chapter has a final BOSS, they are:

Chapter 1: Andariel

Chapter 2: Duriel

Chapter III Mephisto

Chapter 4 Diablo (Diablo)

Chapter 5 Baal

As the boss of the bottom, the difficulty is of course natural, and the rewards are also very rich. In the hidden level, there is a cow king waiting for everyone to challenge.

暗黑破坏神2全BOSS位置分享 More Raiders: Diablo 2 Full BOSS Location Sharing

[Strongest occupation]

First: Witches, whether they are singles or range output, are the strongest. It is not recommended to fully repair the three total spells. Ice and fire are sufficient. If you encounter monsters with invalid ice system and invalid magic, you can bypass them without playing.

Second: Necromancer (male witch), the skill points are pure white bone skills, the others are not. A little PK ability is superior, single boss kills more speed, basically can not meet the monsters do not eat bone damage, you can slowly brush the map. Act as a fixed-point output in the team, and release the curse appropriately. Priority Bone Spear> Dead Pursuit> Bone Teeth> Bone Wall> Bone Prison, white bone armor is appropriate. The main output skill is bone spear + necrotic pursuit, the auxiliary skill is bone wall + bone prison

Third: For those who do not like to play melee, I recommend playing Amazon female warriors, only learning bow and arrow skills and passive skills. The ability to clean up mobs and fixed-point output is very strong, and the PK is very powerful, and the slow flight magic is quite powerful. Dodge high and not easy to die.

Like pure auxiliary: It is recommended to play Halo Paladin, capable people wear 4-hole rune armor [Wild Rose] comes with 20 levels of thorn aura + points 20 full of thorn aura + other equipment provided, more than 50 levels of thorn aura No melee unit wants to touch you.

[Necromancer plus]

Necromancer is a very popular profession in Diablo 2. Not only is it powerful, but the gameplay is diverse, so many players will also look for new ways to develop necromancers. Below we bring a few necromancers' gameplay recommendations. .

Pure poison system (Poisonous Nova + Reduce Resistance): Poisonous Nova 20, Poison Explosion 20, Poison Dagger 20, Reduced Resistance 1, Bone Wall 20 or Bone Prison 20, and the rest are added with bone armor.

Bone Call Shuang Xiu (Bone Spear + Skull): Skull Resuscitation 20, Domination of Skull 20, Summon Resistance 1, Aging 1, Bone Spear 20, Bone Soul 20, and the rest with bone wall (version 1.10) or bone prison (1.11 and above version). 1.10 version remember not to add bones.

Add enough strength to wear all the equipment, agility is not added, and the rest to increase physical strength and energy.

Diablo 2 Necromancer recommended gameplay
Summon Flowing Necromancer Adding a little introduction to the poison call double necromancer Pure Bone Necromancer plus introduction

[Encyclopedia of Cheats]

Diablo is an ARPG. When the first generation was released, its unique worldview and game mode deeply attracted the players at the time. The second game, Diablo II, was regarded as a classic by everyone. The multiplayer mode of networking and the stand-alone mode of single player all show the charm of the game.

As a stand-alone game, the cheats of the console are one of the joys players enjoy. Through the input of different instructions, the characters will get some different mysterious powers, such as:

SATAN invincible mode

DEVILSFORK get all items


These cheats are just like peerless magic, and are remembered by many players.

暗黑破坏神2秘籍大全 Detailed guide: Diablo 2 cheats


Game brushing Brushing is a big fun of the game, but it is quite livery. If you want to make the characters quickly experience the feeling of mowing, you may download the following modifier. This modifier supports character attribute modification, skill point modification, and commission. Bing modification, equipment modification and other functions.

Diablo 2 modifier recommended
Diablo 2 Tri-Modifier Diablo 2 Multifunctional Modifier Diablo 2 Chinese Modifier Diablo 2 Four Modifiers

[Tool patch]

Diablo is a very fun game, but the game designers have also added some restrictions to the game, such as our pocket. Below we recommend several tools for everyone to help you enjoy the game.

1. Large box patch

Diablo 2's backpack system limits the ability of players to collect items. Because of the size requirements, we need to keep the necessary equipment items, but this large box patch solves this problem for players, not only allows The box has been expanded and integrated with other functions, turning it into a treasure chest.

暗黑破坏神2大箱子补丁 Click to download: Diablo 2 Large Box Patch

2. Zoo patches

This is a patch specially made for Diablo II, adding more monsters to the game. I believe that in the process of hundreds or even thousands of hours of brushing, you can bring you more surprises.

暗黑破坏神2动物园补丁 Click to download: Diablo 2 Zoo Patch

3. High-resolution patches

This patch can improve the screen resolution of the game for players. Although Diablo 2 was excellent in all aspects at that time, but with the development of technology, the requirements of players for image quality have gradually increased, and this patch is just to compensate Diablo 2 lacks in the picture.

暗黑破坏神2高分辨率补丁 Click to download: Diablo 2 High Resolution Patch

More tool patch recommendations
Diablo 2 Neferenc MOD Diablo 2 Chinese Improved Patch Diablo 2 Large Backpack Box Patch

[Game Archive]

The game of Diablo 2 is archived in the diablo2 folder of the My Documents on the C drive. Open the archive location and we can extract our own archives or use others' archives. Sometimes when you use other people's archives, you can experience different fun. By using full-level archives or full-collection archives, we can save us many troublesome processes.

Diablo 2 Game Archive
Diablo 2 Necromancer Archive Diablo 2 Stunning Assassin Archive Diablo 2 Rune Gems Archive Diablo 2 Unmodified Archive

[Game recommendation]

Recommended ARPG games

Torch Light 2

The theme of the game is character adventure. Adventurers will set off from the town of Torchlight and enter nearby mountains to find special magic ore that can provide their weapons with energy, but also endanger their lives.

Dark Descent 2

The protagonist of this previous work is the death of the brother of the apocalypse knight. The apocalypse knight is the main character. He will go to the abyss to call his own humanity that was lost in the catastrophe.

Neil: The Age of Machinery

The background of the game is set in a background where the earth is invaded by alien civilization, and human beings are forced to retreat to the moon. In order to regain the earth, humanity has established a resistance force composed of robot soldiers.

Issu Origin

A very classic RPG game, the story took place hundreds of years ago in the ancient Isu Kingdom. The two goddesses who created the Issu Kingdom suddenly disappeared. The protagonist was sent to look for the goddess. During the process, he found the hidden behind the mysterious monster. secret

Double Star Story 2

Double Star Story 2 is a Japanese-style action RPG game. Players will operate two protagonists, one is Lagna, the main character using a chain sword, and the other is the heroine Erwin, who is mainly a magic attack. The adventure began between various floating islands.
ARPG类游戏专题 More recommendations: ARPG games

[Configuration requirements]

Stand-alone configuration requirements:

Operating system: Simplified Chinese Windows 95/98/2000 / NT 4.0 SP5 / XP

Frequency: Pentium 233

Optical drive: 4x speed optical drive

Memory: 32MB

Hard disk: 1.5G free hard disk

Graphics: DirectX-compatible graphics card

Multiplayer configuration requirements:

Memory: 64MB

Modem: 28.8Kbps or faster

Network supported by TCP / IP protocol or

Can support 8 people to connect to the game at the same time

[Diablo 2 Destroyer Game Video]

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Daquan stand-alone game

A complete list of stand-alone games for brushing equipment organizes many action role-playing games with monster upgrades and epic gears as the main gameplay. Such games first began with the famous "Diablo", and later many later shows appeared, Such as "Dawn of Terror", "Borderless Land" and "The Torch Light" of the original Diablo. Players who like this type of game can download and experience the following recommended games.
A total of 6

Diablo Series

The Diablo series provides downloads of the previous Diablo series stand-alone games. Once the series was launched, the game set off a wave. The game has a lot of weapons, armors and props that allow players to invest countless hours of play.
A total of 478

2D stand-alone game

There are quite a few types of 2D games, and there will be a variety of different games in this series. In's 2D game collection, players can find their favorite games, and favorite players can download collections in 2D stand-alone games.
A total of 32 models

Blizzard stand-alone game

Blizzard games are already well known to many players, it is a well-known game produced and released by Blizzard Entertainment. So what are Blizzard games? Then I can tell you the most famous Blizzard stand-alone games Starcraft, Warcraft, and Diablo, these games are loved by many players!
Diablo 2 Destroyer Game Screenshots

D3DX9_XX.DLL/PHYSXLOADER.DLL/配置不正常等 Common problem solution D3DX9_XX.DLL / PHYSXLOADER.DLL / configuration is not normal, etc.

download link

Diablo 2 King of Destruction (Diablo 2) Chinese free installation hard disk version v1.14a

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