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Swordsman finished version v1.0.37
Swordsman is a 3D action game. The game has gained a lot of popularity when it was not released. Its background is a battle in the desert. It tells that in the cold weapon era, at that time, to become a overlord, you need to have Superb swordplay.
  • Type: Action Adventure
  • Language: English
  • Size: 5.3 GB
  • grade:
  • Manufacturer: Region: Europe and America
  • Release: 2013
  • Updated: 11/6/2019
  • Environment: WinXP, Win7, WinAll
  • Tag: Swordsman Swordsman Samurai Cold Weapon 3D


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Game introduction

Swordsman is a 3D action game . The game has gained a lot of popularity when it was not released. Its background is a battle in the desert. It tells that in the cold weapon era, at that time, to become a overlord, you need to have Superb swordplay.

【game introduction】

"Kenshi" is a game with a very high degree of freedom. Players can control the character's behavior to get feedback from the world on the character, and the content in the game is more realistic than ordinary rpg works. Among them, the one-stroke and one-style used by swordsmen are also designed based on real Japanese samurai. In the game, players will learn and master a variety of unique cheats during the continuous practice of swordsmanship. After reaching a certain level, players can truly appreciate To battle with one enemy.

Swordsman kenshi screenshot 1

The game presents a new type of game to the player. The combination of role-playing and real-time strategy, complete freedom and an open world view. In this world with no level concept and no protagonist aura, you can choose to be any type of person, at the same time The game medical system is as close to reality as possible.

[Game Features]

Freedom: a world of 400 square kilometers. The game itself does not limit your development and choice, whether it is a good person, a bad person, or a businessman! Would you join the army or join the army? If you like to be a lone warrior, will you still be partying and looting? Everything is up to you.

No hero: All the NPCs you foresee are likely to be your peers. You are not a savior. You do n’t have a lot of health. The universe is not around you.

No level: This world has existed before you came. Everything inside will not be easy because you are a rookie. Shops will not sell the same equipment as you because you are a novice. At the beginning, almost everyone is better than you, survival is your priority!

Swordsman Kenshi screenshot 2

You can grow with care: you don't necessarily have to win every time, and sometimes you lose more experience, after all, there is no revenge against the gentleman, you will never forget who cut you.

A living, ever-changing world: It's entirely up to you to support or stop everyone, and you can also be alone and not in contact with others. It's not just a game, it's a virtual world, and it changes over time.

Real medical system: one-handed sword can only be used for arm injuries, eye injuries can affect vision range, leg injuries can be crippled, slowing the team's speed.

Original system: A mix of original RTS (real-time strategy) and RPG (role-playing) games.

[HD Map]

"Swordsman Kenshi" is an ultra-high degree of freedom game that enhances a huge open world for players to explore, but because the map is too large, players are very jealous of countries, factions, and various adventure areas in the entire region. It's confusing, so you need a high-definition map to organize your thoughts. Below, provides a large HD map of this game, hoping to help players in the game world journey.

The map below is in Chinese, click to enlarge

Swordsman Kenshi Map 1

There is a gap between the Chinese version and the English version, so players may have some problems when looking at the Chinese version map, so provide another English map

剑士Kenshi高清地图 Click for details : Kenshi Swordsman HD Map

[Recommended Jiancheng Address]

In the open world RPG game "Swordsman Kenshi", players can choose a feng shui treasure to build their own urban homes in the vast world. Not only economic factors, but also weather factors, many players may struggle to build a city Where should I build it? The following is a recommendation of Jiancheng address.

Swordsman Kenshi Map 2

The picture is on the top, there are exploration skills in the lower right corner, the map is full of treasures, as long as there is copper, iron, stones, and water.

For example, I like to build it here, the heart of the Holy Land.

You can also build in a dead place, where it rains every day.

Or swamp, it rains every day and spiders, ninjas attack.

Or desert, daily sandstorms.

[How to get a backpack]

Swordsman Kenshi screenshot 3

Backpacks are a must-have in every open world game, not to mention Swordsmen, because players can get a lot of equipment and props when killing monsters and collecting resources when exploring the map. Store them. The following is how to get the backpack in the game. I also recommend an infinite backpack mod.

Travel goods stores can also make backpack mods.

You can find this store by looking at the icon of the alt key in the city.

It is a person carrying a bag with a bag on it, all of which are bags.

剑士无限背包MOD Related resources recommended, click to download : Swordsman Unlimited Backpack MOD

[MOD Daquan]

Swordsman mod

The "Swordsman Kenshi" game not only has a high degree of freedom, but also has a large degree of module expansion. Players can use MOD to increase the fun of the game. The following is a recommended MOD book that brings players acceleration of buildings, attribute changes, weakening of weather effects, Features such as beautiful maps.

Recommended Swordsman Mod
Building acceleration MOD 256 population MOD Picture Enhancement MOD
剑士MOD大全 Click to look at : Swordsman MOD

[Recommended by the modifier]

Swordsman Kenshi screenshot 4

"Swordsman Kenshi" is an open-world game. The initial stage of the game is very difficult. Because the protagonist is very weak at first, it needs to grow up step by step. Some players who are not very good at RPG may have a hard time playing. Device helps players get started quickly.

Swordsman Kenshi modifier recommended
peizhaochen modifier MrAntiFun version modifier CH modifier

[Configuration requirements]

Minimum configuration Recommended configuration
operating system Windows 7 or better Windows 7+ 64bit
CPU Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz or Althon X2 2.7 GHz Quad-core Intel or AMD CPU
Graphics card ATI Radeon 3870, Nvidia GeForce 8800 GT or higher Nvidia GeForce GTX 560 or ATI Radeon 6950
storage 2GB 5GB

[Game Video]

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Swordsman game screenshots

D3DX9_XX.DLL/PHYSXLOADER.DLL/配置不正常等 Common problems and solutions D3DX9_XX.DLL / PHYSXLOADER.DLL / configuration is not normal, etc.

download link
Extraction code: o06z

Swordsman finished version v1.0.28

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