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Persona 5 (Chinese version)
Persona 5 is a Japanese-style role-playing game produced and distributed by ATLUS. It has won TGA's 2017 best role-playing game. The main production team is still Hashino Katsura, Fukushima Seikiki, and Meguro Tsukuji.
  • Type: Role Playing
  • Language: Chinese
  • Size: 26.3 GB
  • grade:
  • Manufacturer: Region: Japan
  • Release: March 22, 2017
  • Updated: 6/25/2019
  • Environment: Win7, Win8, Win10, WinAll
  • Tag: Persona 5 JRPG Turn- Based Persona Series


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Game introduction

Persona 5 is a Japanese-style role-playing game produced and distributed by ATLUS. It has won TGA's 2017 best role-playing game. The main production team is still Hirano Katsura, Fukushima Seikiki, and Meguro Tsukuji. The game incorporates the concept of Persona in Jung's psychology. In the game, facing the enemy is a shadow that is opposite to self. The theme of P5 is weird thief. Players play Joker and friends will sneak into the villain's Palace, stealing their inner treasure, so that they can change to good.

【game introduction】

Persona 5 Pictures 1

The story of "Persona 5" is set in contemporary Tokyo. A series of bizarre accidents suddenly occurred in the city. The perpetrators went violently without cause, causing many lives and property damage. The player plays a group of mysterious young girls and grandchildren who call themselves "Heart Strange Thieves". With the purpose of "stealing corrupt adults," they initiate many theft cases. People who have been "stolen" have suddenly admitted their crimes. . And in the process of committing crimes, they are fighting desperately against the dark forces that distort people's hearts and social justice behind them.

In addition to P5, you can use the simulator to play other works of Goddess Records series!

Goddess Different Record Series Games Recommended

Persona 1 Picture

Persona 1

Inherited the first series of "The True Goddess Rebirth if"

Persona 2 Sin Picture

Persona 2 Sin

P2 is divided into: Upper Sin and Lower Penalty

Punished several years later for committing a crime as a student

Persona 3 Portable Edition Pictures

Persona 3 Portable

P3 is the first collaboration between Hirano Katsura, Vice Island Nariki, Meguro Kenji

A new generation of works whose style has suddenly changed

Pocket Edition is an enhanced version of PSP, adding a heroine

Persona 4 Pictures

Persona 4

A rare masterpiece in JRPG games

Have a great year in the country Inaba

女神异闻录系列游戏大全 More click to see : Goddess of Different Records series game Daquan

[Game Features]

Hundreds of personality masks, Persona, can be collected and introduced into the mid-devil negotiation system of the Goddess Reincarnation series, which can be directly talked to obtain personality masks.

New personality mask synthesis system, players can merge multiple Persona into a new Persona in the velvet room

P3, P4 director Hirano Hiroshi is responsible for the design of this work

Persona 5 Pictures 2

The youthful character image designed by Fukushima Seiki, and the cool and stylish UI interface style

Compose by Meguro Mieji, a thief style song performed by female singer Lyn

Refreshingly comparable to real-time turn-based combat

[Second Task]

Persona 5 Gemini Pictures

The twins in the velvet room will give the protagonist a COOP mission. Players need to use personality masks to synthesize the designated Persona assigned to you to complete the mission. Raise a community COOP level to level 10. The twins' mission is basically completed. Brings a synthetic strategy for twin tasks.

0 → 1-Jack Frost for Mahabour

The snowman who requires [group ice attribute small damage skills], the easiest is to learn the snowman caught in Bam Museum of Art.

1 → 2-The Lion Lord of Hurey

The Lion Lord who requires the [Single Radiation Attribute Small Damage Skill] can be synthesized with Jack Frost and True God required by 0 → 1, and can be encountered in the Bam Museum of Art.

2 → 3-Hero Matagall

The matador who requires [group wind attribute small damage skills], a simple and rude way is to synthesize with the treasure demon regent met by the art museum and mokoy met by the art museum, and then inherit mahagar from the treasure.

3 → 4- Floros with Tulkaga

Floros, who requires the [Attack Up Skill], requires collective decapitation. These three are relatively easy to find and can all be met at the art gallery. And Elliot didn't need to practice to bring Darkaga.

女神异闻录5双子任务攻略 Full click to view : Goddess Different Record 5 Gemini Raiders

[Recommended Strategy]

Persona 5 Pictures 3

Persona 5 is a rich Japanese-style role-playing game. The male character played by the player needs to spend a year in Tokyo as a transfer student. Among them, learn about the information that is easy to miss in a week and quickly improve his level. It is necessary to understand the weaknesses of all the Shadow monsters. Here are the recommended game strategies for P5.

Goddess Different Record 5 tips
Getting Started Guide
Novice entry guide Labyrinth Tips What is difficult to choose
Process notice
Easy to miss elements Multiple endings Elements of the Second Week Unusual weather effect
Pre-paid money method Crystal Skull Brush Brushing God Leveling Method On-hook brush money method
Team related
Team configuration experience Early equipment Strongest weapon armor
Enemy weakness
Monster weakness Treasure weakness boss weakness

[Synthetic table]

Persona 5Picture 5

In TGA2017's best RPG of the year, "Personality 5", a large number of complex personality masks is naturally a highlight of the game. Many of these settings are categorized by tarot cards. Here is a synthesis of Persona, the personality mask in Persona 5.

Persona 5: Comprehensive Synthesis

Fool magician Pope Empress emperor
pope in love Chariot justice Hermit
fate power Upside down grim Reaper control
demon tower star month sun
女神异闻录5全面具合成方法 For more detailed Raiders, click to see : Goddess Different Record 5 comprehensive synthesis method

[Mainline guide]

Persona 5 Pictures 4

Persona 5 is a JRPG game produced and distributed by ATLUS. The protagonist in the game is a "problem student" who was transferred from the countryside to Tokyo because of being framed. He needs to spend a year in the new school show. . At the beginning of this unfair game, the protagonist was selected by Igor in the velvet room and gained the ability to enter the palace of the mind, which completely inspired his Persona personality mask. The gang of thieves formed by the protagonist and his friends will steal their twisted treasures from the temple of evil spirits and unveil the conspiracy in a series of fog events. Here is the main maze of P5.

Goddess Anecdote 5 mainline labyrinth clearance strategy
Chapter Number Palace name Chapter Number Palace name Chapter Number Palace name
Prologue casino Chapter One castle Chapter two Art gallery
third chapter bank Chapter Four pyramid chapter Five Space base
Chapter Six casino Chapter VII passenger ship The final chapter Involving spoilers

[Spur Line Raiders]

Persona 5Picture 6

In the Atlas role-playing game "The Persona 5", the side missions in the game must be completed in the random maze "impression space" at the bottom of Shibuya Station, but each side mission will have different Trigger time, below is a summary of all the branch missions in P5, as well as BOSS information and location.

Difficulty Task name location Triggering conditions Boss Information
D Beware of tangled ex-boyfriend Road to Thought Deprivation · Region 1 May 7 BOSS weakness: electricity
D Teeth of the Arrogant Bully The Road to Harmonious Deprivation · The Second Floor May 9 BOSS has no weakness, just positive
D Bullying is a symbol of love The Road to Harmonious Deprivation June 6 BOSS Weakness: Fire / Wish
D Strange Team vs. Theft Team The Road to Harmonious Deprivation June 18 BOSS weakness: I wish
女神异闻录5支线任务大全 Click here for detailed branch table: Goddess Yi Wen Lu 5 branch missions

[Class answer]

Persona 5 Classroom Pictures

In "Goddess Story 5", teachers in different subjects will ask questions about the protagonist during class. If you answer the question correctly, you can increase the five-dimensional attribute of knowledge, so that the ranking will get higher and higher during the exam. Knowledge can only be triggered after reaching a certain level, so it is very necessary to answer the questions. The following is an introduction to the classroom answers in the game.

Persona 5 Teacher Questions and Test Answers

April 12


April 19


April 23


April 25

Questions in class: "I believe that I am wrong and take action" → "I believe that I am correct and act"

April 27

4 colors

April 30

Character, talent, excellent person

May 7

Deadly girl

May 10

Yuan Yi Jing

May 11

Illusion, visual information, brain, visual information

May 12

The concealed heart of the judge, the name of the currency

May 13

Ignorance, 4 types

女神异闻录5课堂答案 Click for the full view : Goddess Different smell 5 classroom answers

[Community COOP details]

Persona 5Picture 7

Goddess Different Records 5 has a community COOP system that inherited the previous work. Whether it is your own classmates or various characters encountered in society, you can greatly enhance the companion's ability to assist the protagonist by improving COOP. A total of 21 COOPs in the game require players to upgrade, and the following is a detailed summary of all the communities, including COOP promotion conditions and promotion effects.

Persona 5
COOP Corresponding person COOP Corresponding person COOP name Corresponding person
Fool Eagle magician Molgana Pope Shinjima Shin
Empress Okumura Haru emperor Kitagawa Yusuke pope Sakura Yujiro
in love Takahata Apricot Chariot Sakamoto Ryuji justice Wise Goro
hermit Sakura Futaba fate Mifune Chihaya power Carolina Ristina
Upside down Iwai Soujiu grim Reaper Takemi control Kawakami Sada
demon A big house tower Oda Nobuya star East 郷 One Two Three
moon Mishima Yuki sun Yoshida Yinosuke Trial New island
全社群满级攻略 | 恋爱攻略 | 礼物赠送攻略 Related Raiders : Full Community Raiders | Love Raiders | Gifts for Gifts

[Gift Raiders]

In "The Goddess Anecdote 5", the protagonist can give each friend a gift to get favorability. Different gifts get different favorability. Here is a list of NPC favorite gifts in P5.

Persona 5Picture 8

The following table is a gift for female characters. Some of these jewelry items are very expensive, but as long as you master the method of making money quickly, it is not a problem and you can buy it arbitrarily.

Regarding the favorability obtained as a gift, if the gift is very satisfactory to the girl, the favorability + ♪ 3, and if it is not satisfactory, the favorability + ♪ 2.

When holding the corresponding Persona, it will increase + ♪ 1 each time, and it will increase the favorability by ♪ 3 each time.

gift Takamaki apricot Shinjima Shin Sakura Futaba Okumura Haru Takemi Kawakami Sada A big house East 郷 One Two Three Mifune Chihaya Place of purchase
Uji Matcha Pudding ♪ 3 - - - ♪ 3 ♪ 2 - Shibuya StationUnderground shopping mall (supermarket)
TV shopping (6/26)
honey cake ♪ 3 - ♪ 3 ♪ 3 - Shibuya StationUnderground shopping mall (supermarket)
Truffle chocolate ♪ 3 - ♪ 2 ♪ 3 - - Shibuya StationUnderground shopping mall (supermarket)
Mini cactus on the table ♪ 3 ♪ 3 - - Shibuya StationUnderground shopping mall (flower shop)
Brand perfume ♪ 3 ♪ 3 ♪ 3 - - Underground shopping mall (cosmetic store)
Advanced incense set - ♪ 2 ♪ 3 - Shibuya StationUnderground shopping mall (cosmetic store)
Crimson lipstick ♪ 3 - ♪ 3 Shibuya StationUnderground shopping mall (cosmetic store)

女神异闻录5礼物攻略 Click on the full form to view : Goddess I heard 5 gifts

[Five-dimensional promotion]

In "The Goddess Anecdote 5", in the daily life, the protagonist can improve his five-dimensional attributes through social, dining, activities, mini games, etc. Charm, knowledge, courage, dexterity, and thoughtfulness, and the five-dimensional attributes can be directly inherited to the game For the second week, the five-dimensional attribute is also very important for the community COOP. The following brings the five-dimensional attribute in the game to enhance the skills.

Persona 5 Five-Dimensional Property Picture

You can improve the five-dimensional attributes by answering questions in class to improve knowledge, working to improve five-dimensional, reading, watching DVD, and community COOP.

Goddess Anecdote 5 Five-Dimensional Attribute Enhancement Raiders
Lifting method
Five-dimensional lifting method Questions and exam answers Part-time job
Five-dimensional item promotion
DVD and effects Get all books TV game effects

[Mini-game guide]

Persona 5 Playing Baseball Pictures

The daily life part of "Goddess of Strange Records 5", in addition to letting players interact with various characters to become close friends, can also play fishing, baseball, TV games and other small games, not only can improve attributes, get valuables, but also Related to the Platinum Trophy, here is a small game guide in P5.

Goddess Story 5 mini-games Raiders
Game name location effect Involving trophies
fishing Ichigaya Various item rewards No42 Trophy. The owner of the fishing ground
baseball Batting center Various item rewards No49 Trophy. Street Fighter
Video games Own room Five-dimensional attribute promotion No48 Trophy. Golden Finger
word puzzle coffee shop Improve knowledge no

[Recommended for similar games]

"Goddess Story 5" is a tradition of gameplay, but the stylish JRPG design, many players who like P5 find that they still have a lot of fun after playing the game. Xiaobian brings recommendations for similar games.

Similar games recommended

Caligula Pictures

Caligula overdose

Seeing the Responsibility in the Screenplay of Goddess Yiwenlu 1-2

Dragon Quest 11 Pictures

Dragon Quest 11

Japanese national Japanese RPG game,

King Story + Turn-Based Combat

Flash trail picture

Track of Flash

The first fully 3D version of the Legend of Heroes series

Katherine pictures


Works for testing the water of the goddess different smell 5 engine

P5 Iron Triangle (Hashino Katsumi, Meguro Kenji, Vice Island Nariki) Build

Although the type is an action climbing box, the style is close to P5

RPG单机游戏大全 More similar games, click to view : RPG stand-alone game Daquan

[Game Video]

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gaming strategy
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  • Goddess Different Record Series Games
A total of 6

Goddess Different Record Series Games

The Goddess Divine Record series is a Japanese-style role-playing game series created by ATLUS. The main focus is the combination of campus life and the real goddess reincarnation Nakamo element. the concept of. At present, the P series created by Hirano Katsura, Fukushima Seiki, and Meguro has become the most highly acclaimed JRPG game series. When you visit the Persona game collection for users ...
Persona 5 game screenshots

D3DX9_XX.DLL/PHYSXLOADER.DLL/配置不正常等 Common problems and solutions

download link
Integrated PS3 simulator + Chinese patch, as long as the players' processor is good enough, you can run P5 smoothly!

Persona 5 (Chinese version)

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