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游戏专题 Escape (OUTLAST) stand-alone Chinese version of the game
Escape outlast is a horror game made by "RedBarrels". The game uses a first-person perspective. The weak and helpless protagonist cannot carry out an active attack. He goes through a chasing battle in a mental hospital and is absolutely dead.


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Game introduction

Outlast is a horror game produced by "Red Barrels". The game uses a first-person perspective. The weak and helpless protagonist can not take the initiative to attack. He has experienced a chase battle in a mental hospital, and is born alive. Unlike some games that use horror as a selling point, but they are unparalleled in the game, escape really brings players a horrible experience.

【game introduction】

Escape is a sneak-in action game. During the Second World War, because of graduated weapons, Germany opened a mysterious chemical company and experimented directly with real people. These real people come from patients in various mental hospitals, but time has passed here. The company has been closed but their crimes have not been revealed and the government has guarded the company's site. A young and brave reporter learned of this fact and decided to make these counts public. He began to sneak into the abandoned house. Of the company site to gather evidence.

The player is playing this brave reporter in the game. He wants to collect this evidence to expose the crime, but as the investigation deepens, he discovers some extremely horrible things. This is a very scary game. The player does not have any Weapons, but to find evidence in this building full of cannibalism, people can easily get helpless in this dense and opaque environment, because you don't know what to hide in the dark corner, But you have to check it out. This contradictory psychology will be very stimulating, so players with a bad heart should not try this game easily.

This version is the official version, which has not been cracked directly. The game may have some difficulties.

[Note translation]

The in-game notes are our process of understanding what happened in the mental hospital. Whenever we reach a key location, the protagonist will take notes to provide players with more clues. By organizing the notes, we will continue to discover the hidden secrets throughout the event.

In the final ending, the game did not clearly explain for us, but it was thought-provoking. Why the protagonist was killed tragically, what happened to the scream after the black screen, these answers can only be realized slowly in the notes.

Note 1: Jushan Psychiatric Hospital

Just looking at this place made me sick. Giant Mountain Psychiatric Hospital: closed in 1971 due to the government covering up the scandal. In 2009, the Mukoff Psychiatric Research Group reopened under the guise of charity. Cell phone reception was suddenly cut off within a mile of the circle, and it was more like human interference than signal loss in the mountains. Mukoff has disguised itself as a charity for a long time *, but they have never done so on American soil. They thought the oil and water they could squeeze from here must be extraordinary. Maybe the news I found this time can finally bring down these bastards.

Note 2: I came in

I came in. There were corpses, blood, burnt marks everywhere. The torn heads lined up neatly, like wine bottles behind the bar. The dead Mukoff scientists are hanging from the ceiling, and the nameplate reads "Mukoff Advanced Research Group"-Mukoff has profited from the so-called "charity" by long-standing crimes: squeezing the first Three world countries, investing one billion more ... But why would they want to make money by opening a lunatic asylum here?

Here is an armed policeman wearing a brazier like a roast pig. He told me to escape from this place and then died. This is a good thing-if I can still go back the way I came.

逃生Outlast笔记翻译一览 Specific content please see: List of escape Outlast notes translation

[What does ending mean]

In the finale, the dying protagonist Myers dragged his feet to the exit, waiting for the sun outside, but merciless shooting. After closing our eyes slowly, we could hear the sound of gunfire, Screaming, what happened?

According to the previous escape from Belgium, we should notice the ball-shaped device on the side of Billy. Although it is already a pool of blood, we guess that the owner of this blood is likely to become a ghost like Billy and also attached to the main character. When the character was killed at random in the end, the ghost who lost his host was very angry and took the mercenaries with him.

逃生Outlast结局分析 Detailed Analysis: Escape Outlast Outcome Analysis

[Monster Daquan]

In addition to the unknown mental patient everywhere, there were several enemies who threatened us:

The twins

The two strong men, who looked quite similar and naked, were under the hands of Father Martin. It will not chase and kill as fast as other enemies, but will slowly approach the protagonist. When the player is too close to them, they will be killed directly. First appeared in the prison building chapter. When I saw Miles for the first time, I wanted to kill him, and wanted his tongue and liver. Therefore, sometimes he ignored Miles to chase and kill Miles without authorization, sometimes holding a mountain knife. Holding a kitchen knife. The last appearance was the opening of Myers after the priest had set himself on fire.

Richard "Rick" Trager

A perverted doctor, one of the mentally ill patients who has failed to transform, has a gentlemanlike attitude and is keen to study people's sense of fear. In the official Red Barrels comic book, it was learned that the administrator of the Giant Mountain Psychiatric Hospital had been "voluntarily" become a human experiment product of Mukoff Company because of pre-conspiracy to violate the Mukoff senior female commissioner.

Let Miles take the food elevator, take him to a toilet in the men's ward, cut off his two fingers (right index finger and left ring finger), and kill the patient who yelled on the bed because of a paralyzed patient. . In the end, he was desperately chasing Miles, rushing into the elevator and being trapped by the elevator and the floor. At the end of the DLC his body was pulled out of the elevator by mercenaries. Miles wrote a note about Tregg's death: "How to squeeze Tregg juice? The first step: squeeze."

Chris Walker

36 years old, nicknamed fat. Revealed in the official Red Barrels comics as a former gendarmerie member with sustained trauma while serving in Afghanistan. It became addictive after the experiment failed.

Have a strong physique. "Little Pig" is often called in his mouth. No one who met him could keep his head, and collected the heads and placed them in the library. Most of the corpses in the game are his masterpieces. When the underground laboratory chased Miles and planned to dry it, he was thrown into a ventilation pipe by a nano weapon and shredded.

Billy Hope

23 years old, although 19 years old is written in the document, but that is 4 years ago. The body is in the spherical petri dish of the body generator. After Billy became a nano weapon, he began to slaughter anyone at Giant Mountain Hospital everywhere, whether it was a guard, mercenary, or a detained patient.

[Who is the VCR]

Video recorder is an important tool in escape. Not only does the protagonist record incidents, but the night vision function also provides us some vision in the dark.

There are two DVs in the game. One is the protagonist Myers, and the other is the DLC whistleblower Parker. The difference is that Myers' DV has been broken and you can see the cracks. Parker's DV is intact.

[Tool recommendation]

The only thing we can rely on in this horror game is our DV. DV requires batteries to provide power. In most dark scenes, we need to turn on the night vision function, so maintaining the power of DV is also the key to the game. Below we recommend a modification for everyone to help you maintain the full power at all times.

Modifier download
Escape unlimited battery number modifier Escape Full Version Modifier Escape Six Modifier
Escape Multifunctional Modifier Escape 64-bit version modifier Escape Two Modifiers

[Configuration requirements]

System: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8

CPU: Dual Core 2.2 GHz or higher

Memory: 2GB or more

Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 9800GTX / ATI Radeon HD 512MB or more and compatible with DirectX9.0c

Hard disk: 5GB or more

[Game Video]

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Escape game screenshot

D3DX9_XX.DLL/PHYSXLOADER.DLL/配置不正常等 Common problems and solutions D3DX9_XX.DLL / PHYSXLOADER.DLL / configuration is not normal, etc.

download link

Escape (OUTLAST) stand-alone Chinese version

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A lot of fun? ? ?

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发表于: 2015/10/23 21:55:41 On the 25th floor, a guest from Guangzhou Telecom , Guangdong , ChinaPosted on: 2015/10/23 21:55:41
Awesome horror game

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How to download I want to play> <

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How to download teach me

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How good ? ?
Won't download
Just use qq whirlwind

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