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Taigo Picture Roll PC Chinese Hard Disk Edition
Taigo Eki is an independent game based on myths and martial arts, produced and distributed by ConchShipGames. Players will play the mysterious "Heir of the Taiwu Family". In the overhead world with the ancient Chinese Divine Land as the background, through generations of efforts and sacrifices, they will eventually defeat powerful enemies and determine the fate of the world.


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Game introduction

Taigo Eki is an independent game based on myths and martial arts produced and distributed by ConchShip Games. Players will play the mysterious "Heir of the Taiwu Family". In the overhead world with the ancient Chinese Divine Land as the background, through generations of efforts and sacrifices, they will eventually defeat powerful enemies and determine the fate of the world.

【game introduction】

Taigo e-roll cover picture

"Taigo Picture Book" is a domestic RPG game. In the world of "Taigo Picture Book", in addition to playing the mysterious "Taigo Story", you will also take a different stand for life-good or Evil, or the golden mean-plunge into the complicated rivers and lakes. Not only can you visit martial arts schools around the world to learn a wide variety of skills and techniques; you can also become Jinlan with humanity or vengeance with blood and blood; you can not only build your own village and run various industries; you can also live with your loved ones Sons and daughters, destined for three lives; until you finally face Taiwu's old enemies, determine the fate of the world!

[Game Features]

Unknown rivers and lakes

Every Taigo world you create will be unique—

Completely randomly generated maps, completely randomly generated NPCs, enemies. Every game you play is a new adventure.

You can learn thousands of unique skills from fifteen different martial arts styles;

Taigo painting roll game screenshot 1

Learned hundreds of traditional Chinese skills from almost any NPC.

Fusion of multiple gameplay

In addition to RPG gameplay, "Taiwu Epic" also incorporates many different game types, such as Roguelike elements full of random conflicts;

[How to archive]

Taigo e-book is a domestic roguelike game. Once it was released, it attracted countless players, but many players also found a problem. I do n’t know how to save in the game, and the game cannot be saved. The following is an introduction to the preservation method and archive location of Taiwu painting volume.

Taigo painting roll game screenshot 2

preservation method

In fact, don't worry, this game is automatically saved, it will be saved every time the round ends, so you don't need to worry about data.

Archive location

The archive location is looking for the folder where your steam is installed, which contains a userdata, in this folder.

After opening the folder above, it will look at a series of digital folders and double-click to open it.

When you open it, you will see a bunch of folders with numbers. Those are the archives of your game.

If you don't know which one is the archive you are looking for?

You can open the game first. During the game, click F12 to take a picture.

Then after exiting the game, steam will ask you if you want to upload the screenshot, you click below, open the folder where the screenshot is located, and the number of that folder is the archive.

[How to get married]

Taigo Eroll NPC Pictures

The domestic RPG game "Taigo Eiju" is a game with a high degree of freedom. Players can find heterosexual NPCs to marry in the game, and even includes pursuit, favorability, child birth, and derailment. . And other elements, the following is a guide to how the game gets married.

1. Whether the spouse is a member of Shaolin, Ranshan, Emei and Xuan female factions. Those with legal codes cannot marry, while Shaolin and Xuan Nu cannot marry at all. However, you can raise the upper limit of the level of the same fellow by crusadeing the sword mound, and then invite the fellow to return to the vulgar. Or tie them in big flowers, then force them into the devil, and finally rescue the disappointed person, they will leave the sect and become Taiwu villagers.

2. Favorability is above 4 hearts.

3, not a righteous brother, and talked about love.

4. Click the marriage option to get married.

怎么生孩子 | 怎么离婚 | 刷好感的方法 Related Strategies : How to Have Children | How to Divorce | How to Brush Your Favors


Taigo painting volume screenshot 4

As a Rogue-like game, Taigo Eiju, there are a lot of random elements in the game, so players can encounter many adventure missions in the world map, and some adventures will appear at a fixed time. The trigger mechanism and completion method are introduced.

Before entering the adventure, you need to consume certain things, which can be resources, food, props, etc., and consumption of corresponding actions.

Region: Affects the distribution of the seven-character character.

After entering the adventure, the team's seven yuan will be used to determine the direction of advance. The team will go to the branch where the seven yuan is bigger. It will not go back. There are arrows to show.

Check the team's skill value to determine the action effect. If the team's skill value is greater than the turn value, it will succeed, otherwise it will fail.

Team Seven Yuan: The average value of the seven Yuan for everyone in the team.

Team skill value: Taiwu's skill qualification + Taiwu's skill accomplishment + half of the skill qualifications of other people in the team

奇遇任务大全 Click for full view : Encounter Mission Encyclopedia

[Swords Raiders]

Taigo e-roll battle screenshot

In "Taigo Painting Volume", players can challenge Takarazuka to get Tawu pure points, but each BOSS in it is actually a dad-level existence. If the player is not strong enough, there is only a battered copy. The strength is sufficient, but the tactics are not set, and it is also the end of death. Here is the game's sword and mound strategy to help players defeat each sword and mound BOSS.

Order of Sword Mounds: Phoenix-> Ghost-God-> Burning-God-> Prisoner-> Mo Girl-> Jielong-> Taixuan-> Solution Dust-> Fuji

BOSS Introduction
name Damage type Half blood properties
Wait for Traumatic There are more styles available than the enemy, and the team will deal 100 times more damage.
Phoenix Cocoon Trauma type, growth type Aura continues to grow randomly and is immune to all damage after twice the enemy
Mo women's clothing Internal and external Causes a powerful counterattack if attacked without a normal attack
Da Xuanning Internal injury type, high recovery after high precision Decreased attack speed, movement speed, and posture lift speed within range
Fuxie Iron trauma The enemy cannot escape the range
Dissolved dust High internal injury As long as there is moving force, unloading, dodging, and dismantling are doubled
Gui Shenxia Internal and external The greater the gap between the internal and external injuries, the stronger the shock is.
Xie Longpi Partial injury Unlimited range.
Prison tree Traumatic Halve damage taken, doubling damage.

[Encyclopedia of Martial Arts]

Taigo painting roll school pictures

"Taigo Painting Volume" created by the domestic screw boat studio is a domestic RPG game. At present, this access to Early Access has a very perfect martial arts system, a total of five positive, five evil, five neutral, 15 Martial arts, many players may not be particularly familiar with the fifteen major martial arts, the following introduces all martial arts.

Five positives, five evils, and five neutrality;

Monk (depending on the number), Xuan Nu cannot marry

Please note: The internal exercises of reverse training all have special effects of running xx exercises and internal disturbances, and are lazy to enter the special effects table (the table is an official group of friends. Production)

To practice martial arts martial arts, you must obtain the consent of the head marshals and obtain sufficient martial arts support before you can ask martial arts npc for higher martial arts martial arts (10% support per liter)

Click the blue title in the table to enter the strategy page

Taiwu Painting Roll School
Shaolinism Lion's Gate Infinite King Kong Emei Ranshan
Five Immortals Valley of Flowers Xuan Women Jie Qingmen Wudang
Forged Sword Villa Fulongtan Yuanshan School Khlong Sang Blood martial arts

[Promote weaving strategy]

Taigo painting roll to promote weaving pictures

"Taigo Painting Volume" is a very complicated system game, but when the game is just started, there is a game that can make every player enjoy themselves. It is to capture and promote weaving, that is, to grab, and to grab Promoting weaving, and fighting cymbals, players can have great fun in the game. If you want to understand in depth the pictures, capture methods, and fighting tactics of promoting weaving, here is a guide to promoting weaving.

Promoting Weaving

Sky blue

Third Prince Akasu
Plum wing Iron marbles Toll bell
True purple yellow Happy horse yellow Tamao
Cinnabar Rebirth Embroidery needle
True tricolor Oil paper lamp Two guns
Eight defeats Sanduanjin
太吾绘卷促织攻略 Click to look at : Taiwu Eju volume promotion weaving strategy

[Recommended by the modifier]

Picture of Taiwu scroll modifier

"Taigo Painting Volume" is a very complicated game. For players who are not very good at this kind of RPG games, you can use the modifier to make yourself more casual, allowing you to modify the data as you like, and whatever qualifications you want. Get all kinds of data.

Modifier recommendation
Weaving modifier Multifunctional modifier Wind Spirit Moon Shadow Modifier
太吾绘卷修改器大全 More click to view: Taiwu Paint Volume Modifier Daquan

[MOD recommendation]

Picture of taigo painting volume MOD

"Taiwu Painting Volume" itself is in the EA test stage, and the functions of the game are still being continuously updated. The following are the various mods brought by Xiaobian to various players who have already played the game. Some can improve the game experience. Improved functions, rich gameplay, and enhanced game fun. Players can choose their favorite mod download experience.

MOD recommendation
Fairy Born Taiwu Road for Office Workers Taigo Butler MOD
Jin Yong Martial Arts World MOD Tomb Note MOD Keyboard Shortcuts MOD

太吾绘卷MOD大全 To experience more gameplay, click: Taigo Painting Volume MOD

[Archive recommendation]

Taigo Picture Roll Archives

As a Roguelike game, "Taigo Painting Volume", it is very difficult for players to cultivate their characters well in the game. It is also very interesting if there is an archive that can directly turn them into martial arts, which can save a lot of tediousness. Steps to speed up the game experience. It is a good choice for players who do n’t have much time. If you are interested, you may choose the archive you need.

Taigo Picture Roll Archive Recommended
Full qualifications and main attributes archive Yue Buqun Initial Archive Allan Male Initial Archive
太吾绘卷存档大全 Click to look at : Taiwu Painting Volume Archives

[Recommended for similar games]

"Taigo Painting Volume" is a bright star of domestic stand-alone games. Although Roguelike + RPG's gameplay looks new and original, this game actually draws inspiration from many classic games. The following are recommendations for similar games. .

Similar games recommended
Game name description

Tai Ge Li Zhi Chuan 5 Pictures

Legend of Tai Ge 5

Taiwu's development elements are somewhat similar to the Taige series.

Players who like Taigo will definitely like this

Knight legend


Remastered version of Martial Arts Legends developed by RPG +

Xu Changlong Heluo Studio returns to create a masterpiece

Europa Universalis 4 Pictures

Europa Universalis 4

P's classic strategy game,

Although not the same type as Taiwu,

But Taigo ’s complex system is inspired by P agency games

Pictures of Jin Yongqun 5

The Legend of Jin Yong 5

High-degree of freedom fan-made martial arts RPG game

RPG单机游戏大全 More Views : RPG Standalone Games

[Configuration requirements]

Minimum configuration:

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system

Operating system: Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 64 bit

Processor: 2.50GHz

Memory: 4 GB RAM

Graphics: HD4400

DirectX version: 11

Storage: 6 GB available space

Additional Notes: 1600 × 900 screen resolution

Recommended configuration:

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system

OS: Windows 10 64 bit

Processor: 3.50GHz

Memory: 8 GB RAM

Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GT520

DirectX version: 11

Storage: 6 GB available space

[Game Video]

Collapse information Back to top

Patch modifier
gaming strategy
relevant information
  • Myth Game Daquan
A total of 92 models

Myth Game Daquan

Mythology games are actually very familiar to players. This type of game has a variety of different stories. In the game you can also experience the romantic love story of the hero. Below I will organize a mythological game collection for players. Players can download the collection in the mythological stand-alone game. Those who are interested will take a look.
Taigo Eiju game screenshots

D3DX9_XX.DLL/PHYSXLOADER.DLL/配置不正常等 Common problems and solutions D3DX9_XX.DLL / PHYSXLOADER.DLL / configuration is not normal, etc.

download link
ps: Phoenix Mall special event opens "Taigo Painting Volume" special promotion! !!
Only provide genuine streaming download address, please support genuine games ~

Taigo picture roll genuine shunt BT

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