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Love and Producer

Love and Producer Android Version V1.10.0920

恋爱养成| 游戏语言:中文 Game type: Love formation | Game language: Chinese

1.6 GB | 更新时间: 2019/11/18 Game Size: 1.6 GB | Updated: 2019/11/18

恋爱 少女 养成 Related tags: 恋爱 少女 养成


Love and producer is a very warm and exciting young girl love game. Here players need to play a girl to attack many different male gods. Like any overbearing president, Professor Aburo has all here Therefore, the sisters who burst into the heart of the girls are not ready to try it soon.

game introduction

This stage is no longer everyday or campus, experience encounters outside space and time

Surreal Love Management Mobile Games --- "Love and Producer"

It's time to fall in love beyond reality!

Every moment of nature evolved and eliminated

It is commonplace to see girls on the other side of the world, and people who have their own destiny and unexpected encounters

Or keep running in order not to be eliminated

Or fight against the cruel future

In the mists and traps, toward the future called Truth—

Go bravely!

This is your love and dream, then you have to match each other

Game Features

[The ups and downs of the story surpass the reality]

Get in close contact with hidden superpowers of different professions in daily life and gradually learn about unusual facts while chasing the truth

Famous voice actors Ajie, Bianjiang, Wu Lei, Xia Lei give their voices and experience heartbeat in the ups and downs of the surreal world!

[Upgrade memories of heart-stretching collection stories]

Massive beautiful characters CG, freeze every heartbeat

Collect upgrade bonds and turn memories into strength.

[Exclusive Time Sweet Dating Mobile Interaction]

Restore social reality, with SMS, call, circle of friends and public account functions

Make a sweet date with him anytime, anywhere!

[Wonderful shooting of lovers in a freeze shot]

Create an exclusive show covering all your actor

From him at work to him in life, he met and knew each other in every bit.

[Company management to create top film and television brands]

Whether it's a bizarre event or a strange urban legend

Each exploration is a release of freshness, and every report is the intention of the operator.

Ling Xiao

Ling Xiao is the new male lead who landed after the first four wild men after serving for more than a year. F4 has become f5. Compared with other well-known roles, I believe that many producers don't understand his data so clearly It ’s okay, let ’s share comprehensive information about this Ling Xiao Pika Shaodidi for you sisters, I hope to help everyone!

Character Information Card

Character introduction (spoiler warning)

Ling Xiao is a special actor in love and production. Blue-purple short hair, amber eyes, open personality, like intense punk style music, has a own Live House, good at playing bass.

Like to drink Coca-Cola and Pepsi together, like spicy, according to his circle of friends, do not like sweets.

Very popular with girls, once refused to ask four girls for phone numbers at the bar.

Her prideful tongue is occasionally quiet and gentle. I like to talk to the heroine, but I can't help but care about the heroine, and save the heroine many times in distress. Getting along with the heroine is more like a model of "happy friends".

On the surface, she is a graduate student in the Department of Archaeology at Lianyu University. She often skips classes, hates exams, and does not like to review, but she can get scholarships.

The true origin is unknown and is currently wanted by BS. It can be seen in Chapter 22 that he is familiar with the Task Force. There are many "informants".

It is the only person in the world who still remembers the heroine, and has set up multiple fake identities for the heroine. They have given pseudonyms such as "Liu Chunmei", "Guo Xiaoyu" and "Qing Tingyan" for the heroine. The female host complained that "the ability to name is as bad as ever."

Bai Qi's rumored secret "Little Guardian" can be inferred that Bai Qi's brother should be Ling Xiao who can control the thunder and lightning.

It is learned from the latest episode "Behind the Scenes" that Ling Xiao and Hei Queen have some kind of cooperative relationship.

Character Quotes

Believe me, that's right.

You have no choice but to believe me.

It's my long board.

Your reaction ... will make you want to make a little more teasing.

Did you see it? Everything has just begun.

Always remembering the past can only show that you are old.

What you can't find is lost.

Believe me, just rush forward.

If there is no torch in the night, I am the only light. (SR card "Night Torch Fire" card face language)

Rest assured, I will be responsible for making your boring world interesting. (SSR card "Tuhan" card face language)

Plot 24

Chapter 24 is the last chapter of the main storyline currently released by the official, and the ending chapter of Infinite Future Expansion. This chapter has a total of four open endings for producers to choose freely, corresponding to four men, which is quite dramatic and tearful Zhang, Love and the producer is indeed a game that saves the world from destruction. Shun Shun is in love with the game of Dangdang. Here is a video of the 24 chapters of the plot, including all the endings. Let ’s take a look!

(From station b, "Swing and Swing Cod")


The luxurious lineup of voice actors and their hard-working performances are one of the factors that contributed to the success of Catfish. Voice actors = voice actors = cv. I believe there are many players who do n’t know who their favorite men are in reality. I will bring you the detailed cv science popularization, including Chinese and Japanese voice actors, do n’t miss it!

White from CV

Chinese CV: Ajie

Ajie, whose real name is Zhang Jie, was born in Beijing, China on November 27, 1978. He is the founder of 729 Sound Factory, a voice actor and a voice director. Representative works: Gu Jian Qi Tan (Bai Li Tu Su), Tianya Mingyue Knife (Fu Hongxue), Qing Yunzhi (Zhang Xiaofan, Gui Li), Big Fish Begonia (Red Pine Nut)

Japanese CV: Ono Yuki

Male voice actor in Japan, was born on June 22, 1984 in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan. His office is Atomic Monkey and the record company is Lantis.

representative work:

"Teenage League" Tsukahara, "Kuroko's Basketball" Vulcan, "The Strongest Student President" Hitoshi Yoshiyoshi, "Gintama" Tokugawa Momo, "JOJO's Bizarre Adventure: Immortal Diamond" Oriental Warfare, etc.

Xu Mo CV

Chinese cv: Xia Lei

Xia Lei, a voice actor and director in Mainland China, a native of Shanghai, graduated from the Broadcasting Department of Communication University of China (formerly Beijing Broadcasting Institute). Representative voice-overs are "Mao Jianxian Biography III" Mao Mao, "The Heroes of Shooting Eagles" Ouyang Ke, "Qin Shimingyue" series Yan Lu / Fu Su / Long Qi / Mo Crow, "Gu Jian Qi Tan II" Xia Yize Wait

Japanese cv: Daisuke Hirakawa

Japanese male voice actor and singer, born in Niigata Prefecture on June 4, 1973. Known for Orlando Bloom's Japanese dubbing. The main representative works and roles are "School days", "Ito Makoto", "My Sister Girl", Kawagoe Haruma, "Naughty Little Kiss" (including Taiwanese and Korean TV dramas), Naoki Naoe, and "New Angelique" Bellunaru , "KARNEVAL Carnival" candle, "Free!" Rei Takizaki, "Devil Lovers" reverse roll presenter, "Ghost Lantern's Cold" Momotaro, "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure" Hankyoin Dianming and so on.

Li Zeyan CV

Chinese CV: Wu Lei

Wu Lei, born in Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province on July 3, 1982, is a director and voice actor of Shanghai Film Translation Factory. Representative works "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets", "Love Providence"

Japanese CV: Sugita Tomokazu

Sugita Tomokazu was born in Saitama, Japan on October 11, 1980, and is a male voice actor in Japan. The affiliated firm is Atomic Monkey, who won the male voice actor award in the 3rd Voice Actor Award in 2009. Representative works include "Gintama" and "Sakada Ginshi", "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya", Aso, "Jojo's Bizarre Adventure", Joseph Josda, "Glider's Grandchild", "Arakawa Hilarious" star, "Men's High School "Daily Life" Tian Tianxiu Ze, "K" Zongxiang Reishi, "Assassination Classroom" Ujian Weichen and so on.

Zhou Qiluo CV

Chinese CV: Bian Jiang

Male, born on May 24, 1982, a well-known male voice actor, graduated from the 02 vocational dubbing class in the acting department of Beijing Film Academy.

Dubbing representative works: "Summer Sunny Evening", "Looking at Meteor Shower Together", "Three Thousands of Gold in the Summer Family", and Bian Jiang are also dubbing directors of the film "Bi Xian", and Bian Jiang voices Ji Ke in "Xuanyuan Sword 6" .

Japanese CV: Kakihara Tetsuya

Kakihara Tetsuya, a Japanese male voice actor and singer, is a Japanese expatriate born in Dusseldorf, Germany (also the largest Japanese residence in Europe). Representative works include Simon of "Tianyuan Breaks through the Red Lotus Spiral Rock", "Fairy Tail" by Naz Doragnier, "Hakkenden-Oriental Eight Dogs Incense-" Inuzuka Shino and so on!

Recently updated

From November 10

Xu Mo's birthday event is about to start

Make his own gift with his own hands

Convey your blessing

Participate in activities and more

"Shadows and Shadows" series Xu Mo exclusive custom content

Waiting for you to unlock!

First birthday event

Long day companionship

Xu Mo and Long Days

Birthday limited SR

You are the complement of my life

[Operational requirements] Publicity poster outside the game-Xu Mo's birthday.jpg

* Get fetters to get Xu Mo's circle of friends surprise

* Bound Stars · Samsung can get Xu Mo's SMS coffee time

* The evolution of fetters can get the significance of Xu Mo's phone food

Xu Mo · room temperature

Birthday limited R

And all your memories can be saved at room temperature

[Operational requirements] Publicity poster outside the game-Xu Mo's birthday R.jpg

* Get Bonds and get expired gifts from the female lead's circle of friends

* Bound evolution can get Xu Mo's circle of friends appreciation period

1. Get any one of [Xu Mo · Long Day Companion] and [Xu Mo · Room Temperature], and reach 4 levels of favorability with Xu Mo, you can unlock Xu Mo's birthday date: long day appointment.

2. The appointment voice synchronization update can be downloaded manually in the appointment interface.

Activity time

November 10 5: 00 ~ November 16 23:59

01 Full map birthday material drops

Give him a gift

1. During the event, the main line of the map will be normal, the elite level will additionally drop gift making materials [lucky crystal], [packing gift box], [birthday card].

2. On the birthday event page, you can consume diamonds or [Mind Gift Certificates], make these three materials into birthday gifts and give them to Xu Mo, increase [Mind Value].

3. You can receive birthday special R [Xu Mo · save at room temperature], birthday special SR [Xu Mo · long-day companion] and other rewards when your mind value reaches the designated gear!

* When making birthday gifts, different quantities of the three materials will produce different kinds and quantities of gifts. What kind of feedback will he give you after receiving different gifts?

02 gear bonus

Exclusive clothes for birthday 2019

After receiving the SR, subsequent rewards will be opened.

Can receive [Go to see him] 2019 birthday exclusive limited Xu Mu [white pajamas] and other items rewards.

03 The Only Mind

2018 Birthday Bondage Remake

Xu Mo poster final version.Jpg

1. Exceeding the value of receiving SR gear, you can redeem the 2018 Xu Mo birthday fetters [Xu Mo · Long Qing], time unlock coupons, sublimation props and other rewards in the [only mind] exchange shop

2. After receiving [Xu Mo · Long Qing], you can receive the 2018 birthday R fetters [Xu Mo · Si Yi Sometimes] in your achievements for free.

04 Birthday Exclusive Gift

Cozy cottage

During the event, the Cozy House Gift Shop has a limited time special birthday gift for Xu Mo [Limited Edition Memorial Microscope].

All the details related to you, want to see the secrets.

Second birthday event

Light and shadow

Activity time

November 10 5: 00 ~ November 16 23:59

Gathering minds to unlock

Multiple surprises on the theme of "Light and Shadow"

Xu Mo birthday concept poster.png

1. During the event, giving gifts will increase personal value, and will also increase [full service points].

2. If the full service points reach the designated gear, you can unlock more customized content for Xu Mo in turn.

3. After the final gear is unlocked, Xu Mo will customize his own personal character song!

Custom content at a glance

Xu Mo's birthday popup.png

Frame by frame

——Subject [Go to see him] Heartbeat appointment period

"The private theater in the house shows the story of the two."

Dream Companion

——Theme [Clothing]

"With the drowsiness left in the dream, go into another dream together."

Secret branding

——Theme [Beside you]

"The fingertips in the dark room touch the fingertips, tapping out unique lingering memories."

Between light and dark

——Theme [periphery of jewelry]

"Suddenly, suddenly, because of your beating heartstrings. Tailor-made personal element jewelry, so that at this moment lasts forever."

A scene of affection

——Theme 【Personal Character Song】

"All his unspoken words are hidden in the affection of this scene."

Special Note

1. After the event, the exclusive content unlocked after reaching the goal will be put into production and open access channels will be gradually opened.

Estimated production cycle and online form:

[Go to see him] Heartbeat appointment period: It is expected to go online in the system two months after it is reached;

[At your side] 3D voice companionship: It is expected to be online in the system two months after the completion;

[Go to see him] Clothing: It is expected to be online in the system three months after the completion;

[Personal Character Song]: It is expected to go online with the music platform in the game [Go to see him] three months after the completion;

[Periphery of accessories]: It is expected to be completed in four months after the completion and open for sale in official peripheral stores;

* Please refer to the official follow-up announcement for the specific online time.

2. The value of the gift obtained as a gift is also counted in the full service points. The higher your personal value, the more points you can earn with the full service.

3. Full service points and rankings will be settled in accordance with the scope of all six servers.

4. At the end of the event, additional rewards such as time unlock coupons, sublimation items, and special avatar boxes will be issued in accordance with the ranking percentage.

5. In order to ensure the fairness and authenticity of the data, a judgment mechanism is set up in this event to exclude accounts that maliciously participated in the event using improper means.

On sale simultaneously

Birthday Exclusive Package

November 10 5: 00 ~ November 16 23:59

Birthday packages are on sale, great discounts start!

As jade gift bag

Buy Lita [Mind Gift Certificate * 10, Stamina * 100],

The price is 3 yuan, and the purchase is limited to 10 times during the event.

* The Gift Voucher can be used to deduct diamonds used in making gifts.

Physical Gift Packages Limited Time Discount

High-powered physical gift package for 28 yuan, only 18 yuan;

The original super-powerful physical gift package of 88 yuan is only 68 yuan.

Long Dream Square Long Gift Pack

Buy Liide [Mind Gift Certificate * 228, Lucky Crystal * 68, Packing Gift Box * 68, Birthday Card * 68], the price is 88 yuan.

Registration benefits

Gift Wrapping

November 10 5: 00 ~ November 16 23:59

Check the benefits from the packaging department!

Registration benefits

During the event, log in to the game,

You will receive a mail of [Mind Gift Certificate * 75] from the gift packaging department in the in-game mailbox!

Software special instructions

Game screenshots

  • Love and producer screenshots0
  • Love and producer screenshot 1
  • Love and producer screenshot 2
  • Love and producer screenshot 3
  • Love and producer screenshot 4
  • Love and producer screenshot 5

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