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One pass WeChat version

Yidao handed down WeChat version Android V101.0.0

角色扮演| 游戏语言:中文 Game Type: Role Playing | Game Language: Chinese

34.3 MB | 更新时间: 2019/6/25 Game Size: 34.3 MB | Updated: 2019/6/25

竞技 热血 回合制 Related tags: Athletics Turn-Based System


It is a role-playing game produced by Jiangsu Zhiming Network Technology Co., Ltd. The famous legendary game has finally arrived on the mobile phone. It costs $ 999, and it ’s full of costumes. All the gameplay is quite simple and straightforward. Players can easily play without tutorials. As for the WeChat version, you can register immediately with WeChat, and start immediately Very convenient! Interested players may wish to download and try it!

game introduction

Jackie Chan's Brother ca n’t help but play “One Sword”, a new legendary mobile game that integrates MMO and RPG. The game has an innovative quintet gameplay, all VIPs are free, and there is an official blessing ... can not stop.

One Passed Picture 4

The magnificent map is full of magic dragons and ruins. Hundreds of thousands of brave people are here to adventure, experience PVE and GVG, cross-service teaming and other world interactive games. Each siege has the guild brothers working together, and the winner will have the glory of the Shacheng War God. In addition to the five professional development and freely matching of 100 kinds of talents, there are mining treasure hunting, divine costume synthesis, auction house for ingot waiting for you to experience, don't hesitate, don't hesitate to try it!

Game Features

I. Jackie Chan endorsement, genuine authorization

Genuine license, even brother can't help but want to play, new unprecedented upgrade, both original and beyond imagination, don't be curious, come and taste the fragrance!

Second, the highest V12, all free

All VIPs are free. VIP1 will be available within 3 minutes after starting, V12 will be easily available.

Three, one person and five avatars, playing with fifteen dogs

Innovate in split play, break through professional barriers, freely set up your own team, and cooperate with ultra-perverted skills and talents to create five lineups, five ways, five methods ... luxurious lineup.

Fourth, built-in help, easy to play offline

The official upgrade is on-line and refuses to be crushed; God equipment is dropped offline, rare equipment is highly explosive, and listed on the auction house to win recharge ingots!

One sword handed down Figure 5

Open table

The new server that is passed down across the board is still very fast. Basically, new areas are opened on the Android and Apple platforms every day. I believe that many players are very curious about what new areas are open and when new areas can log in. So I will be recently The open table is used to share with everyone. Do n’t miss it if you are interested!

Career match

Each occupation passed down from the sword has its own unique professional characteristics, and a single occupation can not open up the entire game process. It is more necessary for players to carry out different occupational combinations, form a team, reasonably line up, and play 1+ The effect of group battles where 1 is greater than 2. Is there a professional match that is a natural match, which is very suitable for playing copy and competition together? Of course, here is a detailed introduction to the Raiders, let's take a look!

One Passed Picture 11

Selection of lineup

Warrior: Battle / Assassin / Meat War

Mage: Fire Law / Thunder Law / Ice Law

Taoist: Summon / Spell / Support

Occupation classification

Output: Fire / Spell / Assassin

Half Meat: Fighting

Meat: Meat War / Summon

Support: Lei Fa / Ice Fa / Support

If you look at their careers separately, everyone will be better off choosing their own lineup.

There is a misunderstanding here. I hope everyone will not enter the misunderstanding.

That is, each character can only choose a series of skills in a profession, not three mashups.

For example, you ca n’t learn lightning and frost after learning Fire skills.

The first character can only choose the first skill series.

The second character can choose the second skill series and the first skill series

The third character can choose all three skill series.

Let's start with how to choose the lineup and how to consider the integrity of the lineup.

The choice of occupation is 9 types and can be reused. and so. There are many changes in the choice of lineup.

The advice I gave was written by myself based on the consideration of the game, not necessarily all right, and the idea should not be a problem.

One Passed Picture 9

Let's start with the first character.

After the first character is established, the choice of skills can only be selected, combat / fire / support

1. If the opening role is Warrior / Strong. First of all, your defense and attack power are very high. . If you want explosive high output, you can choose the fire method.

If you want smooth and continuous output, you can choose Taoist, Heal / Skull to resist monsters. Increase the lineup to survive longer on the battlefield

2. If the opening role is Mage / Fire. First of all, the fire method is a high-explosion class with high attack power, but it is a bit poor in defense. Therefore, the second character chooses warrior / strength, anti-strange, and anti-injury to ensure the continuous high output of the mage.

3 If the opening role is Taoist / Summon. The output is not enough, but there are pets against monsters and continuous blood recovery. Here you can choose a mage / fire method. Because the priests have the function of pets against monsters and blood recovery, so the lack of output of attack power for a long time, so choose a wizard it is good.

This is a direction to consider at the beginning.

Here are a few lineups for your reference

1.Struggle / Fire / Spell / Metal / Ice

2.Struggle / Fire / Spell / Meat / Raid

3.Struggle / Spell / Rapha / Ice / Meat War

4.Struggle / Fire / Spell / Metal / Ray

5.Assassin / Fire / Spell / Meat War / Lightning

6.Spell / Spell / Spell / Spell / Spell

Best lineup

According to the difference between the plus point and the professional lineup, there are various combinations of genres in the game. It is not very friendly to choosing patients with phobias. How can I choose the most satisfactory and powerful one from a wide range of lineups? ? I will recommend a lineup with a relatively high strength for your reference below, even if the lineup is very civilian, ordinary players can match it, and I hope to provide some help!

One Passed Picture 1

Outbreak Warrior + Fire + Summon + Warrior Meat Shield + Thunder

From the current situation, the outbreak fighter is indispensable, and quite powerful, is one of the main forces of the output, but one output is obviously not enough, so I have developed a fire method, which can achieve physical damage and spells at the same time hurt.

To have an output naturally also requires anti-damage, so anti-damage melee and summoning are also essential!

As for the last one, you need an assistant. You can choose the ice method or support the Taoist. The ice method is controlled, and the support can be seen by the individual. (This is also the traditional R formation)

Civilian player lineup:

Burst + Fire + Frost + Meat Shield + Meat Shield (Taoist)

Because you need to assign five roles, you have to think about the output enough, defense enough, and some control, so this combination is the best, the key is also economical.

One Passed Picture 3

Let's share some special lineups:

1: pure outbreak route

The so-called pure outbreak route is well understood, that is, pure output, the soldier chooses to explode or be swift. The outbreak is high attack intensity, and swift is high attack speed. As for which one is stronger, it is impossible to study specific data

There are more mages casually, because her fire method, ice method and thunder method are all similar, so you don't have to worry too much about this, just look at what you like.

For Taoists, they choose summoning and spells (in fact, the pure outburst route is mainly suitable for some small R)

Under such a combination, the damage caused is very horrible, and the disadvantages are also obvious, that is, the battery life may be weaker.

2: pure meat route

The pure meat route is much easier to solve. The 4 fighters choose the meat shield and the support of a priest. It is still very useful when grabbing bosses. If I want to kill you, I can only say that unless the combat power is much different, otherwise It ’s difficult ~ (I used to like soldiers before, I need to hang up, haha ~)

3: endurance route

This is a satisfactory choice, that is, soldier outbreak + soldier meat shield + mage + Taoist charm + Taoist support

This kind of combination is to have output and output, meat shields and meat shields, and auxiliary and auxiliary types. It is also the most popular type now, because all the equipment you explode can be used. (This is also the most economical. A formation)

Of course, Taoist 15 dogs can also be practiced as trumpets. Well, the editor feels that it is mainly leisure and entertainment. Each genre is boring, and sometimes it is just for fun.

magic weapon

Magic weapon is the key to improve the combat effectiveness. Good magic weapon can help players improve the clearance efficiency. So what kind of magic weapon is better and can be regarded as an artifact? The following is a detailed introduction to everyone, let's take a look.

It is better to bring an umbrella in a battle, and the percentage of attributes is washed.

What the sub-professional brings, spells and support can be towers and bells, mage can be a piano and a bead, mage can also be a double bead

pvp tower skill set

Below 280 pvp god, sword spirit, chasing the moon, black moon, ten steps

Above 280, change the ten steps to contempt and put the third position.

update content

One Passed Picture 2

1. Added the Secret Realm Map and the Secret Realm Checkpoint to produce the Secret Costume;

2. Turn on the rebirth function and open after level 180;

3. Increase daily benefits, sign in to receive recharge ingots and special ring (rare);

4. Optimize the auction house, the successful auction can get recharge ingot.

Software special instructions

Game screenshots

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  • Yidao handed down WeChat version screenshot 1
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  • Yidao handed down WeChat version screenshot 3
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