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Dear Fellow Hoosiers of Indiana District #4:

(Benton, Boone, Carroll, Cass, Clinton, Fountain, Hendricks, Howard, Jasper, Montgomery, Morgan, Newton, Putnam, Tippecanoe, Warren, and White Counties.)

It's time, time for a change in Congress.  I am deeply disappointed in the way that the U.S. Congress, Senate & current Presidential Administration have conducted themselves during the past few years.

As a Retired Military Officer, Decorated Combat Veteran, College Instructor, husband, and father, I feel that our Country is slipping away. 

Although, there are numerous challenges that face our great Nation, I believe that we can overcome these issues by a "Changing of the Guard" in Washington D.C.  This is why I am running for the U.S. Congressional District #4 seat (Indiana) in 2016.

Current Congressman, Todd Rokita, has lost touch with the voters of our district.  He continues to be a "Yes-Man" to the Republican Leadership in Washington D.C. and needs to be fired from his position.

My promise to the people of our district, I will always have your best interests' at heart when voting and will always maintain constant communication with you. 

Below, you will find some of my Priorities/Goals for our State and Country:

  1. Balance the Federal Budget.
  2. Assist the U.S. President & Congress in creating & implementing a plan to defeat terrorist groups that pose a threat to the United States and its allies.
  3. Assist in updating and improving the current tax code.
  4. Abolish the death tax.
  5. Support the enforcement of current immigration laws.
  6. Recommend additional coverage benefits to medicare recipients as it relates to individuals with Diabetes. 
  7. Keep God in the Public Sphere.
  8. Promote job growth-Recruit Businesses to Indiana.
  9. Continue to improve the capabilities of the U.S. Armed Forces.
  10. Continue to support and fund "First Responders (i.e. Police/Fire/EMS/etc..) operations.
  11. Recommend improvements to the current social security system so that the program doesn't run out of money (Privatization of funds?).
  12. Health Care-Ensure that all Hoosiers receive quality & relevant Healthcare.
  13. Veterans-Create and Implement a proactive outreach program to assist veteran's with Veteran Administration (VA) benefits.
  14. Veterans-Improve Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) programs for all veterans.
  15. Education-Ensure all children receive a quality education that is not dictated by the Federal Government.
  16. Education-Recognize the importance of Teachers, Professors, and educators at all levels throughout Indiana
  17. Farmers-I will work hard to improve your financial stability by obtaining support from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. 
  18. Hunters/Firearm owners-Continue to support the Absolute Right to Gun Ownership
  19. Prioritize Green Energy Efforts (i.e. wind farms & solar energy)

Please join me in my efforts to make our State and Country a better place to live for current and future generations.

Get involved by volunteering and/or donating funds for the campaign.

Thank you for your continued support!


Kevin J. Grant.


Wednesday, November 9, 2016 3:42 AM

Kevin Grant predicted Donald Trump would win the Presidency in June 16, 2015

Congratulations to President Elect Donald Trump for winning the historic Presidential Campaign against Secretary Hillary Clinton.

It's past 3:30 am and I have spent the last few hours watching the election results unwind on the Fox News Channel.

I am very proud of Donald Trump, his family, friends, supporters and professional colleagues for enduring such a long and arduous campaign.

Some are calling this win a "historical political event"...I view it as a divine intervention...similar to a miracle of God.

I predicted that Donald Trump would win this race back in June 16, 2015...proof can be found on my website: under the news section.

It was a pleasure in meeting and speaking with Donald Trump during the taping of "On the Record" with Greta Vansustren during May of 2016.

I will keep President Donald Trump and his family in my prayers and thoughts.

With reference to the future...I look forward in running against Todd Rokitain in the 2018 Primary Election campaign.

God Bless Indiana and the United States of America.

Kevin J. Grant








Monday, December 14, 2015 12:00 AM

Kevin Grant states It's time for Americans to stand up and fight for their future

My fellow Americans,

I am deeply disappointed in the direction that our country is going!  Our Congressman & Congresswomen have failed the American people. Even President Obamas' advisors have failed him as well as the Country.  A President is only as good as the people surrounding/appointed to him.

Please note:  as a decorated combat veteran and still serving in the Army National Guard, President Obama is the Commander in Chief and I will not say anything negative about him (as a service member, we raise our right hand and swear to an oath that defends the U.S. Constitution and support the President of the United States).   

I have been traveling throughout Indiana and the message is the same.  People are tired of several issues, to include: gridlock in Congress, out of control government spending, paying too much taxes, unemployment, economy is very sluggish, people have had to tap into their 401k retirement plan just to survive, Affordable "Obamacare" Health care act, too much power at the Federal Level, etc..

Things are not going to change by themselves.  Join me in the "Save America Campaign". 

If you would like more information...please send me your name an email.

God Bless!


Kevin Grant 



Sunday, October 11, 2015 12:06 AM

Kevin Grant: Donald Trump supporter since 1989

My fellow Hoosiers:

It may come to a surprise to many of you, I have supported Presidential Candidate Donald Trump since February 1, 1989.

For my 19th Birthday present, I received the #1 National Bestseller "Trump: The Art of the Deal" from family members...and read the book cover-to-cover.

Although I have never met Donald Trump, I have studied him for over 25 years and think he is an outstanding individual.

Donald Trump and I are very similar in many ways (of course I am not worth billions of dollars)...but we are both campaigning for positions within our Government that will make positive changes (if elected) for citizens of our great Nation:

1.  We both are very patriotic and love our Country.

2.  We are not professional politicians.

3.  We both are tired of the inaction of Washington D.C. elected officials.

4.  We both use a common sense approach to solve problems and share a "no-nonsense attitude".

5.  We both love veterans, he is a graduate of "New York Military Academy" and I am an U.S. Army Combat veteran who was awarded The Bronze Star Medal and Combat Action Badge from the Iraq war.

6.  We both love people and want to make America great again.

Donald Trump is an outstanding business leader and negotiator and I believe he will make a great President.

It's interesting how his confident & positive attitude made such a positive impact on my life...someday, I will thank in him in person (by the way, I still have the same book from 1989). 

Thanks Mr. Trump. fellow Hoosiers, please consider Donald Trump as the next President of the United States.

Thanks for your time!

Kevin Grant

2016 U.S. Senate Candidate, Indiana






Thursday, August 27, 2015 6:01 AM

Kevin Grant will spend time teaching at Harrison College this Fall.

Kevin will serve has a part-time professor at Harrison College this Fall.  He has been asked to teach marketing & management courses, which starts September 21, 2015.

Kevin stated...

" I am very excited to teach students this's an honor and privilege to be part of such an outstanding institution like Harrison College"

Thursday, August 27, 2015 5:40 AM

Grant spends time volunteering at local elementary school

Kevin Grant starts his day off like any other busy parent with young children.  Spending time between his family, Church, job, and his son's school is a delicate juggling act.

Every morning from 8:00am to 8:45am, you will find Kevin helping with Mrs. Pam Griese (2nd grade) and Mrs. Amanda McQueens (kindergarten) with "Minds n Motion" at Faith Christian School in Lafayette, Indiana.  

Kevin stated...

"It's great way to start off my day, helping young children grow with this program ("Minds n Motion" is a program that helps children get reading for the school's both mentally and physically challenging)" is a great activity". 

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